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Nina Katis professional portfolio at
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Live Life to the Full'

Learn how to apply the basic principles of authentic feng shui to your home or home workspace. Discover the do’s and don’ts for creating health, wealth, harmony and happiness for the benefit of your whole household.

Content Includes:
  • Your Feng Shui Horoscope and Personality Profile
  • The Current Year and it's Effect on You
  • Your Best and Worst Directions
  • Your Health and Nutrition
  • The Way You Communicate and Interact with Others
  • Landscape, Weather, the Sun and the Phases of the Moon
  • Compass Directions
  • Locations and Types of Houses to Live in
  • The Five Factors in Our Homes that Impact Most on Us
  • Room Layouts, Traffic Flow and Obstacles
  • Colours, Clutter, Cleansing, Candles, Crystals and Mirrors

I attended Nina's workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an incredible insight into the practice of feng shui both from a personal characteristics perspective and regarding certain do's and don'ts in a house, and how to lay out certain rooms. It was so interesting and completely removed from the very false impression I had always held about feng shui. I would love to attend the workshop again.