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Nina Katis professional portfolio at
Nina Kati in IE on Houzz


Positively Transforming Workspaces'

This workshop is tailored to staff, management or business owners to promote harmony within your team and how to set up your workspaces to optimise, harmonise and harness good energies.

Content Includes:
  • Personality Types
  • Managing Stress and Becoming Empowered
  • Positive Thinking and an Attitude of Abundance
  • Being Your Company's Best Ambassador
  • Possessing Good Communication and Listening Skills
  • Team Interaction and Good Working Relationships
  • Presenting the Right Business Image
  • Clear Thinking, Quick Decision-Making and Better Tasking
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Individuals
  • Group Culture and Team-Building
  • Basic Resolution and Negotiation Skills

Quality service - tutor gives top quality delivery. All groups gave excellent feedback from her professional approach. They felt they learned a lot and could apply it themselves. Nina is very unique in her delivery. She has an excellent approach and is easy going. The level of understanding of the subject and feedback from participant evaluations is excellent.