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Nina Katis professional portfolio at
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At Nina's workshops she provided a high-quality experience for participants who are encouraged to actively engage in the session to ensure their full participation. She has a distinction in Training and Development and in Communications (FETAC Level 6) and has been regularly engaged by organisations such as the VEC, ICA, FAS and the Interiors Association. She is also often booked by people looking for a private workshop for their friends, family or staff, where she travels to your nominated venue to deliver a custom workshop to your group on any interior design or authentic feng shui related topic.

‘I recently attended a workshop with Nina, and it was one of the most informative, interesting and enjoyable days I have experienced in a long time.'

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Interior Design & Decoration Workshops

• The 9 P's for Planning the Perfect Scheme

• Spatial Illusion & The Corridor Cure

• Working with Style & Colour to Create the Wow Factor

• How to Create Amazing Interiors: Personalised, Energised & Harmonised


Learn top tips from a leading interior designer including the following topics:

- The difference between design, decoration and styling

- The importance of budgets, costings, negotiations and measurements

- Decor, upholstery and window dressings

- Doors, furniture, lighting, cabinetry and storage

- Kitchens, bathrooms, tiles and flooring

- Lighting, finishing touches, displays, pictures and mirrors


'The energy in the room was palpable – it was a fascinating event and a huge success. Nina's delivery was excellent, and it was the best attendance of any of our events so far.'

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Feng Shui & Motivation Workshops

• How to Become Happier & Healthier & Achieve Success in Your Life

• The 5 Factors that Impact Most on Us

• Matching Your Energies to Your Home & Workspace

• Harmonising your Family & Friendships or Team Relationships


Learn the Fascinating Secrets of the Science of Authentic Feng Shui including the following topics:

- Your feng shui horoscope, personality profile, the current year and its effect on you

- Your best and worst directions/seasons/time of day/place to live, etc.

- Your health and nutrition and the way you communicate and interact with others

- The compass, directions, landscape, water, weather, sun and moon

- Heaven's blessings, earth feng shui energies, manmade luck and karma

- Clutter, crystals, cleansing, candles, mirrors, colours and furniture layouts


'I attended Nina's workshop and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was an incredible insight into the practice of feng shui both from your personality and characteristics perspective and regarding certain do's and don'ts in a house, and how to lay out your rooms. It was so interesting and completely removed from the very false impression I had always held about feng shui. I would love to attend the workshop again.'

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Guest Speaking Engagements

If you are organising an event where you need an experienced, engaging and entertaining motivational speaker, then call Nina. She knows her stuff inside and out, draws in audiences with ease, confidently delivers original presentations, covers a diverse and fascinating range of topics, gives relevant examples, and answers questions from audiences concerning their own homes and their own situations to ensure her audience feels she has personally addressed their specific issue and that others learn from real life examples.

'Nina is one of Ireland's most talented professional speakers. She is highly knowledgeable and entertaining, and her message is highly compelling. She left audiences energised, and her real-life examples were captivating. She presents masterfully and audiences are positively moved.'

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Book the ultimate fun day out with friends and family and have a truly memorable experience. Call Nina 086 812 6730


'Nina Kati is a master in the fascinating field of feng shui interior design - you will be astounded by what she has to say!'


Best in Service 2019 • 5 Stars Trusted People 2018 • Recognised Leader 2016 • Innovation 2015 • Excellence 2010 • Professionalism 2009