Nina has a distinction in Training & Development, qualifying her to teach at higher education level. She has been regularly engaged by organisations such as the VEC, ICA, FAS, and the Interiors Association, as well as many groups, businesses and private individuals. She is now providing workshops on a national basis. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in the sessions, and she ensures a high quality of delivery and the full participation of all those present.

I recently attended a one day workshop with Nina and it was one of the most informative, interesting and enjoyable days I have experienced in a long time. From the basic understanding of feng shui to our personal characteristics not to mention the wonderful insight into the harmony within our homes which was all covered in a very professional way. Nina has an in-depth knowledge of feng shui but is also gifted with the ability to explain and relate it to the average lay person with great understanding and relevance. She is also an amazing interior designer and her choice of colours and overall palette is very much in keeping with the harmony, energy and positivity of feng shui. Nina had worked her magic on the venue and immediately we all felt connected with one another and our surrounding environment. If she can do this in a basic hotel meeting room think what she could do in your home. I understand she will be running another workshop soon and I definitely recommend it.