Everything was mind blowing. Just absolutely loved the workshop – everything sucks you in and makes your head swivel! So interesting. I definitely want to transform everything

Anne (Dublin)

Learn How You can Transform Yourself, Your Family, Your Home & Your Life

I run private workshops and workshops on behalf of organisations. Participants are encouraged to actively engage in sessions and can ask questions throughout.

Please book your place in advance to avoid disappointment as numbers are limited to smaller groups to ensure a higher quality of delivery and engagement.

The many topics covered in my workshops are based on achieving positivity, transformation and fulfilment and focus on optimising your personal energies and the energies of the spaces you live and work in.

Top priority is your health which is your wealth, then your relationships for garnering the support and kindness of others, then increasing your luck and opportunities for a greater chance of success, and then lastly your wealth – all in this order.

I attended Nina Kati’s Workshop in Limerick yesterday and was blown away by it. I learnt so much more than I would have expected and Nina was so generous with the amount of information she shared

Janet (Limerick)

What you can learn

  • Find out about your personal energies and how to maximise good energy and great timing in your life
  • Explore the reasons why people get along well with some but not with others
  • Learn how to apply the basic principles of authentic feng shui to your living spaces and workspaces
  • The reason as to why some homes have a warm welcoming tone while others don’t feel harmonious or inviting
  • Discover the do’s and the don’ts for creating health, wealth, harmony and happiness