I would highly recommend Nina to you if you are looking for an interior design service with an expectation of positive transformation in your life

Jane L (Dublin)


  • Want to create serene spaces through decluttering, harmonious colours, a designer makeover, then shopping for a new look?
  • Need a uniquely optimised and aligned workspace where you can be more focussed, creative, efficient and successful?
  • Are you planning a new chapter in your life and want to renovate, reconfigure, extend or build the ultimate house?
  • Do you feel it is time for your gardens, exterior and outdoor spaces to get a holistic design transformation?
  • Want peace of mind before you buy a property or site, or need to achieve a quicker sale at a higher price?
  • Is life not going well romantically, health or career-wise and you want more positivity, love, luck and vitality?
  • Wishing for a more energised, harmonised home where happiness, peace and family harmony reigns?
  • Is your business powered by a motivated team, an inspiring workplace and a healthy work environment?
  • Could your design projects benefit from specialist input leading to a better outcome for your clients?

Nina strongly believes in getting the best value for money for her clients and insists on top class workmanship

Breeda R (Co Tipperary)


The benefits to you are invaluable: health, well-being, family harmony, relationships, career, business, and wealth.

Moreover, as a specialist in holistic design for positive living, I use my expertise to create positive energy, colour harmony, emotional well-being, physical vitality, and healthy flow, positively transforming your living spaces, gardens, and workplaces.

I trained for several years under two Oriental Masters to learn the proven methods of authentic Chinese feng shui, also qualifying with distinctions in Learning & Development and Communications for the betterment of my workshops and as a speaker.

I have a track record of success spanning more than 20 years, and won many awards.


My greater knowledge, training and experience means my level of expertise and degree of specialism can provide you with greater insights and more comprehensive services of higher value with far-reaching positive outcomes.

During my first decade in professional practice I gained a wide breadth of experience building my portfolio and earned a reputation nationally. Over the following decade I continued my professional development to become more uniquely specialised.

Now, as the leading consulting specialist in my field, I can now focus on providing you with deeper insights and more comprehensive options of higher value to achieve the best results, and mostly with immediacy.

Immediate Advice

On-the-spot advice and guidance, tips, ideas, concepts, solutions, sketches, examples and contacts.

Beneficial & Worthwhile

My unique customisable services are more worthwhile and beneficial, comprising of spatial design, authentic feng shui, biophilia (connecting spaces with nature/natural elements), sustainability, colour harmony, the psychology of spaces, etc.

Premium Level

My reviews, longevity and awards attest to higher quality solutions, satisfaction and recommendations.

Independent & Ethical

Our relationship is important to me – you can value my unbiased opinion and trust my advice because I operate independently and transparently, only procuring the best value most suitable goods where my fees are not disguised within the price of goods.

Clear & Upfront

My fees are clear and upfront with no unexpected extras which shows respect for you and your budget.

Simple & Flexible

Book per session on an as-and-when-needed basis, with no tie-in and no obligation. Appointments are flexible and, on request, I can work out-of-hours to facilitate you and your family should the need arise at no extra charge.