Wellness in the Workplace initiatives are gaining attention and gathering momentum – impact on productivity and sick days mean employers have a serious stake in this; when the benefits are correlated, there is a stark and clear case for their buy-in because of the return on investment

People are out sick for many reasons including burn-out, exhaustion and anxiety. A wellness initiative that can reduce sick days and increase turnover and productivity can translate into a very significant saving, and workers need to have access to such initiatives.

External reputation can have a huge bearing on the recruitment and retention of talent, so it makes sense for employers to engage staff in meaningful initiatives and in improving employees’ health, and this long-term investment can yield dividends year-on-year.

Improving internal morale achieves all these benefits and underscores all efforts. Lead by example and use resilience to work against inertia and push-back.

(Source: ‘Affecting the Bottom Line: Does Wellness in the Workplace Offer a Return on Investment?’ by Susan Hayes, The Positive Economist, Hayes Culleton Group, April 2019 www.thepositiveeconomist.com/wellness-in-the-workplace-return-on-investment)