Nina’s concepts, colours and attention to detail are outstanding, and she has a large number of contacts that she uses to get the best products at the best prices. I would highly recommend her

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The 3 Manifestations of Luck

A positive transformation in your life can happen in three different ways. Heaven luck is what is bestowed upon us when we are born. Manmade luck is what we do for ourselves during our own lifetimes and, depending on how we choose to live our lives, can create better heaven luck for our descendants. Earth luck is the help Mother Nature gives us whilst we are living on this planet including best timing which we can make the most of if we know how.

1: Heaven Luck

You could be the beneficiary of heaven-sent luck where you are fortunately blessed from above, such as being born under lucky stars, or have inherited luck where your predecessors earned good karma for your family through doing good deeds, or perhaps the divine intervention of your predecessors in your hour of need. Heaven luck also applies to the best use of your gifts and talents, so they are not wasted. They say it is better to be born lucky than wealthy.

2: Manmade Luck

This is when you take charge of your own destiny and develop the tools, skills and drive to succeed either on your own or assisted by your fellow human beings through their kindness and benevolence. In any case, this is the luck we generate ourselves during our own lifetime by reaping the rewards of our own hard work to earn success. There are some things you can do for yourself to improve your manmade luck. First change the way you think i.e., mind over matter. Positive thoughts affect what you think, influencing what you say and shaping your behaviour. Positive thoughts, words, and actions lead to successfully overcoming obstacles in your life. Positivity spreads positivity, because others will be attracted by it and influenced to use this process to become more successful in their lives too. There are also many more methods for improving your manmade luck that are simple and easy to implement.

3: Earth Luck

Also known as feng shui. Most cultures acknowledge the workings of nature’s energies and for many generations they understood how to benefit from this, passing on this knowledge through time. This type of luck is about benefiting from Mother Nature through harnessing good energies from your surrounding environment (both internally and externally), in conjunction with good timing. Energy moves and as such is affected by the passage of time which is why timing is so important. You cannot have one without the other or life would not exist, and the two are completely interconnected.


It would be incredibly lucky to get all three types of luck throughout the duration of our lives! Through the unique teachings of my Masters, I have discovered how to optimise your luck to ensure you have as much positivity on your side as possible. Life is short and it is up to us to make the most of it. Everything you do in your life affects up to 7 generations that come after you. Our humanity gives us the opportunity to do good or even great things in our lives, so we must use the precious time we have on this earth wisely. Ultimately, we can each create a better life for each other, improve the outlook for generations coming after us, and in the process develop inner peace and fulfilment.

This is my life’s goal – to help you feel good about yourself so you can achieve more, to improve your health and well-being so you can live a fuller life, and to impart knowledge through my workshops to give you the tools to empower yourself to live a happier and more fulfilling life. I am equally passionate about working towards safeguarding the environment through education, and this is reflected in my workshops and will be evident in my books too.

Nina is an absolute professional who excels in her field. Her advice and skills have made our home so much calmer and her interior design is incredible. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone looking to improve a few rooms or their entire home

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Nina reviewed our house and basically turned it into a home for us. She was so respectful of our wishes, listened to our kids’ ideas and was completely in tune with the family straight away

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Such a pleasure to work with Nina, she was inspirational in helping me discover the true potential in our home

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Nina is excellent at what she does. Very knowledgable and highly recommend

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