It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing



This country apartment was being used for holiday rentals and was badly in need of an upgrade.


Furnishings and floorings were outdated and worn, and some renovation works needed to be carried out. There was a need to reconfigure by swapping the bedroom with the sitting room to maximise space and improve convenience. The kitchen and bathroom were retained and just tidied up. fresh decorations with new colour schemes.


The project involved:

  • Visiting the property to give my advice, specify works and take measurements
  • Specifications for colour schemes and paints, and some of the refurbishment works
  • Agreeing on what items could be repurposed and what goods needed to be bought
  • Taking the client shopping and helping her make decisions about her purchases
  • Sourcing furnishings, lighting, accessories, linens, kitchen ware, etc
  • Custom blinds, pelmets, curtains and headboard
  • Staging the finished interiors and styling them for the photoshoot

Very positive feedback was received from both my clients and their tenants/holiday makers, including a couple closely related to my client who were so taken by the finished apartment they signed up to rent it!