It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing



Following the removal of 16 huge trees and their stumps, to design a low maintenance garden from a compact, misshapen, sloped area of ground to the side of a property that was to include a high curved boundary wall, small lawns and evergreen plantings, whilst allowing for a large patio area to be installed at a later stage.


The project involved working with the use of natural materials already available on the site including a huge number of large stones to complement the existing natural stone walls, whilst disguising the presence of a septic system, and the installation of an irrigation system as well.


Contractors were responsible for erecting the high curved boundary wall that provided the perfect backdrop for the new trees, and the wall was to be rendered with a semi-smooth white plaster finish at a later stage.

My design divided the garden into three distinct zones on 3 different levels. The design was intended to  resemble outdoor rooms and the circular shapes helped to disguise the misshapen area.

To keep it looking tidy and neat, the plantings were based on a topiary style. A round area of decking was used to disguise the septic system and helps to emphasise the shape of the three zones. A few planted containers and some bronze sculptures of herons finished off the scheme.

Before & During