The Corridor Cure: Part 6 – A Visual Example

The Corridor Cure: Part 5 – How to add style to a corridor
April 15, 2016
April 29, 2016
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The Corridor Cure: Part 6 – A Visual Example

Nina Kati

The Corridor Cure: Part 6 – A Visual Example

Corridors are usually long, narrow and tall, resulting in a poorly proportioned space that is difficult to improve. To cure this problem aim to shorten and widen it using visual trickery and reduce the height of the space as much as possible in order to create a less narrow appearance. The above photo of one of my projects, a blue corridor, is a great example of ‘my corridor cure’. In this case, the length of the corridor has been ‘halved’ using an archway situated in the middle of the length of the corridor. The inside of the arch has been painted white to make it outstanding as a full stop on the centre of the corridor, thereby visually cutting it in two.

Mirrored doors located to the side of the corridor help to widen the space as an optical illusion and by drawing the eye to the width rather than to the length. This can be even more effective if the mirrors are reflecting a lovely view of the outdoors, but even more especially if the mirrors are full height and give an illusion of doubling the width of the space. By fitting wall lights to side walls attention is again focussed on the width of the space, rather than ceiling lights which draw the eye to the height of it. You can also use a narrow piece of furniture to give the impression of a (wider) properly furnished room rather than purely a walk-through space that receives no attention as it us treated with no importance. Adding lots of small touches to attract the eye to the sides of the room will further help to draw the eye to the width rather than the length and height of the space.

Thank you for reading my blog on The Corridor Cure. In the coming weeks, my next blogs will include ‘What is Feng Shui?’ and ‘Feng Shui Horoscopes’.

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