The Corridor Cure: Part 5 – How to add style to a corridor

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April 8, 2016
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April 22, 2016
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The Corridor Cure: Part 5 – How to add style to a corridor

The Corridor Cure: Part 5 – How to add style to a corridor

Reduce Confusion Corridors are difficult spaces because they can easily create confusion and stress for the brain to deal with. They can be confusing to negotiate as they often have lots of doors and usually very little natural light. In order to create a more calm and balanced space, try choosing a plain style of door with overhead glass fanlights or you could opt to paint the doors white to bounce light and give the space a lift.  As an added bonus this will also help to reduce the impact the doors have on the corridor. The brain appreciates regular shapes and tidiness. The neat, orderly displays of pictures on walls can help to easily achieve this whilst providing an attractive display.

Make Unattractive Fixtures ‘Disappear’ Painting radiators the same colour as the colour of the walls will make them visually disappear, or if it is a particularly ugly or badly positioned one, then fit a radiator cabinet to reduce the impact it has on the space in a material that co-ordinates well with the scheme. The top shelf of the cover will also provide a useful surface for displaying items and a lamp if there is a nearby power supply.

Simple & Sleek Keep the décor simple and choose a soft, blended colour scheme with fresh white for the ceiling, picture rail and doors.

Footfall Select the right flooring to suit your situation. For instance, if family members are to-ing and fro-ing at all hours, carpet can provide better acoustics by reducing noise in such a high traffic area so everyone can get a good night’s sleep.

Read the next article in the series of my latest blog on The Corridor Cure which includes a visual example of how to redress the imbalance of proportion, introduce style and add ambience.

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