This week in Part 5 of my latest blog read about how to use crystals in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.

Faceted crystals, also known as rainbow crystals, help to activate and expand energy. They bring the sun into a room, raise the energetic vibration of a space, and can contribute to a positive atmosphere. They give a rainbow effect when suspended in light. The size of a spherical or teardrop crystal should be chosen in accordance with the size of the area in which it will be hung. Spherical faceted clear lead crystals are best as their shape allows you to invoke all possibilities to achieve your highest potential.

Natural rock crystals should not be confused with clear faceted crystals. You should limit the number of crystals in your home as too many will cause you to be confused and become dreamy, headachy, and less grounded. Do not place rock crystals or spherical crystals close to electrical equipment as they can amplify electromagnetic stress thereby making a negative situation worse. It is also best not to locate them too close to the head of your bed, as they can disturb sleep. Crystals can interact with energy by collecting it too, so make sure not to take on someone else’s crystals.

There are many kinds of rock crystals, and readily available, all of which have a certain beauty and a particular purpose, so it is worth checking up on the type of rock crystal you want beforehand. The bigger the specimen the greater the effect the crystal has on the energy of a space. Crystals placed outdoors lose their energy to earth’s energy which are far stronger and will overwhelm the energy of the crystal.

Never hang a crystal that has been damaged and never hang one in a window with an ugly view or where a window is overlooked by something threatening (such as a building or a sharp corner). Anything that can distort the energy will produce unwanted results. The area should be cleared of any clutter and the window should be sparkling clean.

Wash crystals prior to hanging them and every month to cleanse and energise them. They should be hung in the upper portion of a window, about a third of the way down and a little away from the glass. Hang them from a length of silver or clear thread as this will suit them best.

Remember to get the energy checked in your home by an authentic feng shui expert before introducing crystals into spaces, because as mentioned above crystals expand energy so if the energy is negative in the space then this is what will be expanded. Better to use mirrors and crystals in spaces where there is good energy and where their effect is contributing positively to your household.


Next week in Part 6 – Colour, read about how to use colour in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.