This week in Part 4 of my latest blog read about how to cleanse the energies in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.

Space cleansing is different to space clearing and concerns purifying the energy in the home and invoking good energy and vibrations in place of tired or old energy. Space cleansing can be carried out before moving into a property, after a serious illness or the death of an occupant in the home, or it can be used for old buildings with bad energy.

Space cleansing is like establishing ownership of your property. It is great for making a fresh start in life and helps to bring new opportunities, better luck, happiness, and prosperity.

To carry out this process you should know what you are doing, be physically clean and feeling healthy, happy, positive, and strong. You should not be a novice and should not do space cleansing whilst pregnant, menstruating or if you have any open wounds. You should not do space cleansing yourself if there is spirit energy present – call in a professional instead.

Choose a time when the property is quiet and before dusk so that it is still light outside. Do not rush the process. Switch off electrical appliances and remove footwear and jewellery (particularly watches) to prevent energy interference. Clear your mind and if possible, meditate before beginning the process.

Candles and tea lights are a great way to keep the atmosphere of a home ‘cleansed’. They help to stabilise the vibrations and harmony in the home. Never leave burning candles unattended and always burn in or on a suitable container. Position them safely and ensure they are extinguished properly.


Next week in Part 5 – Crystals, read about how to use crystals in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.