This week in Part 3 of my latest blog read about how to do space clearing in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.

This is only a basic introduction to space clearing. To learn how to do serious space clearing of bad energy or a haunting, it is best to research the topic to determine the best approach for you and your situation and consider hiring an expert.

This introduction to space clearing is for those who want to clear away old, dirty, stagnant energy to create a more peaceful, calm, vibrant and healthier indoor environment. Space clearing should not be tackled whilst sick, angry, or feeling bad, or this is the energy you will be putting into the place. Nor should it be carried out when you are feeling stressed, tired, or vulnerable. You are putting the energy you have within your body into your home which is your ‘outer body’, so it is important to think positive, feel positive, and be positive while you are clearing the space. Space clearing should not be conducted if there is a sick or very elderly person residing in the home as it may drain their energies too much.

Space clearing can also be a sort of emotional clearing out – freeing you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.  It is an opportunity to ‘let go’ and cut the ‘ties’ that connect us to the past. Hanging on to hurt, anger, grief and fear can be emotionally taxing, physically draining and cause you a lot of stress, whereas letting go of old emotions and the negative thoughts associated with this is like getting rid of excess baggage and freeing the soul.

Space clearing should only be carried out gradually after de-cluttering and cleaning, and prior to making feng shui changes to the home.

Ensure you are clean and wearing only natural fibres. Turn off the power to your fuse board – but do not forget to switch it back on as soon as you finish so that your food does not defrost. Turn off or down the volume on your phone and leave it in another room so that it is not distracting you. Remove your footwear so you are either in bare feet or socked feet (natural fibres only). Clear your mind, empty your heart, disassociate from yourself and your life. You are now free of your own shackles. Focus only on the positive and on good intentions. Start in the room that most needs the energy cleared  and only do one room at a time. You do not need a sage smudge stick. Just use your hands to ‘smooth’ the energy around the room without touching anything. Keep going until you feel a positive change has occurred. When you have finished, burn tea lights to help burn away bad luck.

Try to do this on a regular basis, every 4 weeks is best. Set your new intentions every month and monitor how much difference this is making to your spaces and to your life. The power of the sub-conscious mind is incredible, and we can bring about anything we want. Our energies are constantly interacting with the energies of our spaces so if the energies in our spaces are negative then they will negatively impact our personal energies. If the energies in the spaces cannot be optimised, then it is time to call in an expert in space clearing or authentic feng shui.

Next week in Part 4 – Cleansing, read about how to cleanse the energies in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.