This week in Part 2 of my latest blog read about how to freshen up the energies in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.

Once you have finished de-cluttering, give your home a good cleaning. Every home needs a thorough cleaning every year to freshen up the interior. Cleaning stimulates the energies in the home thereby raising the vibration and clearing the old energies away. It also helps you to truly connect with your ‘outer skin’ and can be great therapeutically!

It is also extremely important to thoroughly air your home regularly and ensure there is access to fresh air, because this will clear out the chemical overload and reintroduce oxygen into the indoor environment. This has a positive effect on the energy levels in the home as well as the energy levels of the occupants. Your home exposes you to the hidden effects of gases and vapours. Many synthetic-based materials and toxic preservatives or treatments in your home contribute to out-gassing with the result that indoor air is often more polluted than that outdoors. Today, homes are often sealed units that trap stale air and chemical vapours inside until they reach concentrations that can affect your health. Breathing impairments, allergies and undiagnosed illnesses are affecting more and more people, and about one in seven people is seriously affected by the everyday levels of gas and dust found in the home. Pollution from cars and agriculture is also coming into our homes from outdoors, and unhealthy materials and chemicals, such as cleaning agents and furniture finishes, are creating indoor pollutants causing problems to human health and to the planet. Air pollution causes 15% of lung cancer deaths, 20% of fatal heart disease, 25% respiratory infection deaths, and 60% of dementia cases.

Your home should be comfortable, convenient, and meet your needs. There is no point in constantly working for your home because it does not function well – your home should be working for you. If not, you won’t function properly, and your life won’t run smoothly. So, tackle the issues at the root of the problem – storage, work surfaces, and traffic spaces are key considerations. The purpose of a room and how it interacts with other spaces could also be at the heart of the problem, so it may be necessary to review the configuration of each space or the reconfiguration of your entire interior. Many people think they need to build on extensions to add space to their home, when in fact they are just not using the available space correctly and to its optimum.

When cleaning your home, use natural products where possible such as salt, white vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and lemon juice. Chemical cleaning products are damaging to the environment and to your family. If you are sensitive to dust wear a mask and gloves whilst cleaning. Remember to take a warm bath or an invigorating shower after you have finished cleaning to clean away the old energies from yourself. And, of course, treat yourself to something nice as a reward after all the hard work is finished!

Next week in Part 3 – Clearing, read about how to clear the energies in your house to create positive energy in your home and surroundings.