Read my latest blog on creating positive energy in your home and surroundings.  In this 7-part series, I will be giving tips on clutter and de-junking, cleaning and freshening up your home, an introduction to space clearing and cleansing energy, as well as some information on using crystals, and which colours to use in your home.

Each area of your home is connected to you and your life and, just like cause and effect, can have an impact on you and your life. Clutter and stagnant and trapped energy prevent you from functioning properly, which can make you feel tired leading to confusion in your brain draining your energy further, and in turn this can inhibit progress in your life. To succeed in your life you should be happy, healthy and have harmony in your relationships. To start you need to have clarity to see your way forward and headspace to focus on how you are going to get there.

Clutter can create chaos in the home, reflecting the chaos that is in your head. De-junking your home will help you to declutter your mind. Clearing, cleaning, and cleansing will activate each area of your home in a positive way to lift and freshen the energies in your spaces. This can then allow each area of your being and body to function properly again and new opportunities can come into your life. You can gain mental clarity and agility because your mind is clear and alert so decision-making can be easier. Your life can start to move forward because you can let go of things that were holding you back in your life. More space invites more opportunities into your life. You can begin to feel more energetic, and you can become healthier and more active once again. As a result, you can feel like a whole new person with a completely new vision.

To create your fresh start, begin at the new moon when you can feel more positive and energised. It is even better if you can do this when your head is not overflowing with mind-clutter, so action those to-do lists of long put-off jobs like making phone calls, writing letters, getting quotes, paying bills or tackling the everyday mundane jobs in the house such as doing laundry, putting out bins and vacuuming floors. This will give you a head start so that when you tackle the real work in your home, you can enjoy the results and reap the rewards of your hard work and efforts.

When you undertake all those the activities below, remember home is where the heart is; you are putting positive energy into your home so think positive, feel positive and be positive to bring about the best results.

  • Part 1– Clutter
  • Part 2– Cleaning
  • Part 3– Clearing
  • Part 4– Cleansing
  • Part 5– Crystals
  • Part 6– Colour
  • Part 7– Colours