Riona G (Tipperary & Galway)

Nina brings balance and harmony to a project and is extremely sensitive to the needs of her client. Nina was totally focussed on the need to prepare our house for sale. The first lady through the door bought it immediately she viewed it. Nina brought such professionalism, dedication, talent, and sensitivity to the project. Her application of relevant interior design and feng shui principles was outstanding. Only Nina could have a vision of the final result and have transformed a cluttered 35 year old bungalow into an amazing home which we were very reluctant to part with after her extremely efficient guidance.

Anne O’S (Tipperary)

I recently contacted Nina as I needed her help in getting my home ready for sale. Lots needed doing, including decluttering, rearranging furniture, and buying a few things that were necessary too. Nina got stuck in and wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty. She’s very creative and could make a palace out of a hut. The end result being that my home looked perfect when the professional photographer came.

Lynn McN (Dublin)

Nina did a wonderful job in suggesting ideas that would rejuvenate a tired rental property. Nina pulled the various rooms together using new colour schemes and sourcing items of furniture and fittings to create a new look and feel, while keeping within a tight budget. Should problems arise, Nina was on hand to problem-solve, and assist at all times. We are delighted with the new and fresh look of the property and we would be delighted to use Nina’s services again in the near future.

Margaret C (Marbella, Spain)

I wanted to redecorate my rental apartment in Marbella, Spain but was slow to start! Nina produced the perfect portfolio of fabric samples, colour schemes, collaborated with suppliers and pointed me in the right direction.

Carmel H (Waterford)

It is a year now since I bought my house. Before I bought it, I asked Nina to have a quick look at it for me. She did and I happily bought it. Nina went through the Good and not so good points of the house with me and gave a to do list which I followed to the letter. I am very happy to recommend Nina’s expertise to anyone – which I have already. The peace, prosperity and balance in my home is more than I can ever imagine and that is thanks to Nina for putting me on the right track.

Margaret C (Co Dublin)

I recently separated and wanted to make a new start, moving to a home with my child that had lots of bedrooms so I could run an accommodation business. I had been through the process of shortlisting comparable properties and finally chose one that was close to the airport, ideal for my proposed business. Nina was on the RTE Room to Improve show and I decided to get her feng shui advice as I wanted to know if it was ok for us to live there before I made an offer. From the moment we arrived Nina was reluctant about it. Although I was disappointed because it was my favourite, she kept me grounded and opened my eyes to the many real and important issues, pointing out these things were simply too big and costly to fix. As it turned out, she was right. I had started out blind to the problems I did not want to see. What if things turned out the same for me as they had done for the sellers and their business? Nina was a life saver!