Paul K (Waterford)

When I visited the show houses, I was most impressed with one in particular. It turned out to be the one Nina designed. As it happened, she was there also that day and I was introduced to her. I asked for a ballpark figure of the likely cost to fit out a house to a similar standard. I got a forthright response and was impressed by her obvious professionalism. Nina had done an amazing job on the show house so I thought if she could do the same again, I would be more than pleased. Nina dealt with all aspects of the project. The experience she had working on RTE Show House was invaluable as she knew all the pitfalls. She was able to make improved design changes to the construction of the house. She prepared all specifications for joiners, tilers, electricians, and plumbers. In addition, she designed the layout of the en-suite bathrooms and the kitchen and the positioning of all light fixtures throughout the house. She ensured that all work was carried out to the highest standard and to specification and made the contractor redo work when necessary. Nina sourced all fixtures and fittings, including bathrooms, kitchen and lighting and all flooring, tiles, window treatments and furniture throughout the house, and made certain that the best price was achieved. I felt Nina was very much in tune with my requirements and her experience on similar projects could not be overlooked. The unique perspective brought to the project by her extensive knowledge and experience of interior design coupled with her understanding of Feng Shui has resulted in the creation of an amazing home where the emphasis is on relaxation and rejuvenation.

Brid B (Co Waterford)

We heard about Nina through locals who highly recommended her. When I spoke to her on the phone I was struck by her confidence and found myself wanting to book her immediately. Her ideas were modern and simple, yet classy. She has a natural flair and a great eye. She listened to us and knew exactly what we wanted and liked. We believe there is nobody out there who is as good as Nina at her job. She knows her products and where to find them, saving time. She has great know-how and is very decisive and confident. She knows what will look right in a particular space and gave us fantastic advice. She worked with ease and confidence and was efficient and friendly. I remember her saying to me prior to our shopping trip that I would learn so much and this was true – I learned so many little tips on our outing. Even though I felt overwhelmed Nina was great to reassure me. Thanks to her help, guidance, and advice we now have a beautiful new home.

Aine & Tim H (Dublin)

I was looking for an interior designer experienced in feng shui to give us guidelines for renovations and extending our house. I found Nina on the internet and was very impressed by her portfolio and experience. Her insight and guidance enabled us to gain clarity in how we planned the project in terms of layout, use of space, lighting, etc. This was very useful both before and after our plans were drawn up and helped us in working with the builder, kitchen and bathroom suppliers. We are certainly looking forward to the finished article. We cannot compare Nina to anyone else but found her to be very friendly, efficient, practical, and helpful and we no doubt will have a few more conversations before the project ends.

Trish & Joe B (Tipperary)

I had been to a workshop that Nina gave and found it very interesting, and I was very interested in using the principles of feng shui in our home and as we were building onto our home it seemed like the perfect time to start. We had plans drawn up for the extension on our home by an architect. We showed the plans to Nina and she pointed out some different ideas and changes that we made to the plans. Looking back, we are so glad we made these changes. Also, she planned out the rooms on paper and it has all worked out so well. Her ideas on the layout of the room made the flow in the room very easy. We had two different architects draw up plans for us before, but they never went into the detail that Nina did with us. She gave us great advice, right down to appliances and where to get them. She understood our needs more than anyone we had spoken to before and was able to transfer our ideas onto paper.

Eve J (Dublin)

From the moment Nina arrived to our house, I knew my life was going to change for the better. Nina had a subtle approach – she educates and suggests changes which are up to you to take on board. Once you start to incorporate these changes, be prepared for what will unfold. For me and my family we have seen such fantastic positive changes. What seemed like significant changes at the time happened effortlessly. Nina was also part of our recent decision to extend or move house. With her help and advice, we were able to make an informed decision for our family with amazing results.

Anne A (Co Laois)

Nina has worked on my home twice, more recently in relation to a home extension. She quickly understood my family’s needs and designed a vision for our home which was exactly what we required. Her understanding and knowledge of building, interior design, etc. is immense, sensible, inspiring, and up to date. Nina is relaxed, positive and friendly to work with. It’s always a pleasure to have her in our home. Our home always benefits from her visits. Her professionalism and insight leaves our home beautiful, organised, and welcoming. I would recommend Nina Kati as an interior designer for all design projects, big or small.

Catherine N (Waterford)

I hired Nina because she was the most local interior designer to where I am located. She saved me time and money and helped me avoid mistakes. She made me aware of all the options available, gave me the confidence to proceed with decisions, and she helped me choose items to suit the overall look. She gained my confidence and trust, and she understood the overall look I wanted as well as what I liked.

Dave H (Waterford)

I consulted with Nina during the design phase of my build. I’m genuinely glad I’ve done so. She was very informative, clearly very well experienced, and I found her very personable and generous with her time long after our consultation had ended (via text messages and emails etc.). I would very strongly recommend giving Nina a call for her Feng Shui expertise. Even more so if you are in the very early stages of designing a new build. My house won’t be ready to move into until early Summer 2019, at which time I intend to re-engage with Nina regarding my interior design options. A truly good soul to deal with.

Carol O’D (Waterford)

I did her interior design course and loved it! I was convinced that good interior design at the start was a means of not making mistakes that proved costly with the interior design of my own first house. In classes, Nina showed passion for interior design and I could see that she was going to do a good job. I could see after the classes finished that it was going to be a worthwhile expenditure on design services to help me with my new build. I received good training on the interior design course, and regarding design services I trusted Nina as she understood my needs and use of space very well. I felt I could leave it all to her! Nina took account of my budget, tastes, and needs. She is a very professional lady. Her price was reasonable, and I was easily able to see how this paid off in getting my house designed. I’ve very few regrets thanks to good planning. In terms of appointments Nina was flexible to suit my needs regarding work and family. She was willing to make site visits en route to other appointments. She gave me plenty of tips and didn’t waste time and equipped me with ideas. I also enjoyed our shopping trip.

Cathy O (Offaly)

I was impressed with what I saw when Nina was on RTE’s ‘Show House’ programme. Nina greatly helped us with her guidance at a point when we were struggling to make correct design decisions and as a result our indecision was stalling the project. She provided a well thought out comprehensive service suited to our taste and aspirations and also kept in mind our budget. I can’t say if no-one else could do the same. However, Nina combines her knowledge of feng shui with interior design and I appreciated this informed advice and guidance. Her calm and efficient personality was also a joy.

Maggie & Paul M (Tipperary)

Nina was recommended to us by a friend in an arts centre in South Tipperary who said she was a really lovely lady! We had some previous experience of Feng Shui and felt it would be good to have someone to help us from the very beginning before we even started the building of our house. We are so glad to have had Nina from day one to help us in the design itself and the interior décor including soft furnishings, paint colours and lighting. She offered fantastic information that really helped us create a relaxing, functional, and beautiful home. Through her service we saved money, time and unnecessary design and selection mistakes. She is confident and good humoured, and her service is professional and incorporates practical aspects too. Her warmth, friendliness and honesty are all part of her desire to do her very best for us. She has skills and knowledge in so many areas, from Feng Shui to interior design, to all aspects of health. She is also extremely intuitive and respectful of people. She is not pushy and is very understanding of human nature. Also, her practicality is invaluable.

Liam P (Co Louth)

Working with a new build is very difficult as sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with colours/fabrics. Nina took the stress out of the situation because of her vast experience in feng shui and interior design. She is very straight forward and if I were to give her a job title it would be ‘Working Wonders’! No-one else could do the same for me as she did because she combines feng shui with interior design to find the perfect balance. There were no hiccups and she was always willing to take a call after the appointment to lend her advice.

Katrin S (Co Cork)

Nina has been a great and very knowledgeable Feng Shui advisor, helping us with some major decisions about our new home. She is a great communicator and has a wonderful, out of the ordinary talent for Interior Design. Would definitely recommend her. Thanks so much again, Nina.