Niamh G (Co Louth)

I was very interested in feng shui, but I felt I needed an expert on the subject. I wanted to enhance my living space through this fascinating practice and Nina was my first and only choice. Nina’s advice ensured I reaped the benefits from applying corrective measures to my living space. She was very personable. She was also ‘present’ which I am only now realising. She is very passionate about the subject. She has a wealth of knowledge about feng shui and interior design. She was extremely professional and spent a lot of time with me. The process was fascinating, thoroughly enjoyable and fun! Nina gave me some very sound advice on how to deal with these. She was like a life coach and agony aunt rolled into one. It was a most illuminating day. I felt a great sense of relief and joy and I feel things are going to turn around in a powerful way. It was a great pleasure to meet Nina and she is probably one of or even the most important investments I’ve made in all the years I have been on this earth.

Eileen G (Tipperary)

I had an interest in feng shui and wanted to create as much positive energy in my life and my home as possible, so when I heard of Nina from a friend and the positive effects she had on his life, I chose Nina. She gave me lots of good practical advice and lots of tips to be aware of when undertaking a building project. For my home she was able to combine appropriate design with a positive flow of energy. Others lack the knowledge of feng shui. Nina is very professional, readily accessible, very obliging, and always pleasant.

Paula K (Westmeath)

I checked online for feng shui practitioners in Ireland – Nina’s web site was very striking and the testimonials on the web site were very positive.  When I spoke to her on the phone, she was very approachable and sounded kind! As well as the feng shui tips Nina offered around the house, she gave a lot of practical suggestions which have all made a big difference.  Many changes were subtle, and I could make them straight away – I like how the house feels and the energy in it. She also provided many contacts and information which saved a lot of time. I think Nina is very personable and engages very well with people.  She also reads people very well and I think she tailors her advice to suit.  She’s also very helpful long after the consultation and has provided a lot of follow-up assistance via text/SMS. Gentle, energetic, positive, relaxed – the hours passed by very quickly during the consultation, it was informal and made the discussion very comfortable and open. Nina had suggestions for even the trickiest aspects/angles of the house.  She brings a fresh mind-set and ideas. She is an energetic, kind, caring and talented feng shui consultant who does her utmost to obtain results.

Isobel F (Co Waterford)

On meeting Nina a few years ago I found her to be vibrant, positive and energetic and her philosophy on healthy living was very appealing as I knew this would have a very positive and uplifting impact on me at this phase of my journey in life. I most especially liked her gentle approach, and I knew she would take into account my own individual style and taste, and this made me feel at ease inviting her into my home. Nina was very encouraging and generous of her time and had a wealth of knowledge about much needed general maintenance and improvements around my home. She opened my eyes and gave me a vision and a plan which I have worked from and continue to work from with the help of the reliable and trustworthy trade contacts she gave me during the consultation. In Nina I have found an experienced and knowledgeable Feng Shui expert in interior design which to me is someone working in health and wellbeing, an essential compliment to every home as this makes it our very own sanctuary of rest and rejuvenation to come home to. This is especially needed in the time we are presently living, helping to move energy to ensure it flows into all areas of our lives to help us more during this time. It was a pleasure to have Nina’s gentle approach and we are delighted visitors have felt the results when they come to our home. She rearranged furniture and paintings and encouraged a more positive flow of chi energy to complement each of us. Nina is an attuned Feng Shui Interiors Consultant who deals with holistic living.

David C (Tipperary)

Nina was recommended to me by a good friend who has a holistic centre in South Tipperary. My life literally took off in a new direction i.e. health, relationships, work. After the Feng Shui consultation, which was quite personalised, I gradually began to feel that things were working for me rather than against me. It is obvious that Nina puts her heart and soul into her work – you know that she is very focussed on your issues. In my case some of the important things she said would happen actually happened!

Ciara R (Cork)

It was such a pleasure to work with Nina. She is extremely professional, knowledgeable but also relatable and a great friend to have. She gave me the most wonderful advice and direction in a time where I needed it the most. I would definitely recommend Nina to anyone.

Yvonne R (Tipperary)

I became interested in feng shui from reading articles and books on the subject. I decided I would like a professional person’s advice on the subject. I rang Directory Enquiries, and they gave me Nina’s phone number and when I rang, she was helpful and encouraging. She helped with the layout of my home. This included putting in a back door and changing bedrooms. My house is more inviting and comfortable. I also got advice from Nina with regard to cooking. This new practice has brought more peace and harmony to my daily life. Nina is very knowledgeable and professional. She inspires trust and her advice is always beneficial. Her friendly, genuine personality is reassuring. If I were to move or build a house, I would want Nina on board. I know she knows her stuff.

Mary D (Galway)

I was told about Nina by a friend – I knew very little about feng shui, but I had the interest to find out more. I found feng shui really amazing. Nina shared the principles with me, and I discovered how something as easy as moving my bed to my best direction could make such a difference. I learned about which things to do and at the right time, how to attract the best energies, and how to live a richer life. Nina is the only person I know who does authentic feng shui.

Jane L (Dublin)

It was a great experience working with Nina for the interior Feng Shui design before we moved into our new house. Nina is very professional and inspiring, full of knowledge on housing feng Shui and interior design. The ideas she offered me really lifted the positive energy to the next new level. I would highly recommend Nina to you if you are looking for interior design service with an expectation of positive transformation in your life. Thank you so much for your professionalism and wish you a very happy, healthy Christmas.

Margaret C (Co Meath)

I saw Nina on ‘Room to Improve’ – she made an impact. I’m in the market for a new home. I am interested in and believe in feng shui principles. Nina came across on the programme as someone I could easily relate with, understand and work with professionally. The consultation focussed my attention by ruling out what I don’t want in my new home, and cleared heavy energy in my existing home. Sleeping patterns for my daughter and I improved tenfold, my daughter no longer complained of a sick tummy in the mornings, and communication between my daughter and I is much easier, more open and loving, and is without effort. Nina is a very warm and gentle person, and easy to connect with and to understand, yet she is also focussed, accurate, intuitive and passionate to the task at hand. As a result, she covers a huge amount in a short space of time and gives 100% to her client. Her feng shui horoscope gave a clear, accurate description of my style of communication and interaction. She helped me to clear energy blockages to get things working again and my point of view has changed as a result of the process. Miracles occurred – for example improved and effortless communication with certain personalities. There were numerous issues in my present home that Nina recommended I work on and with her encouragement and explanations of each issue I was happy to tackle them as soon as possible. It became obvious very quickly the negative impact these issues were having on both my family and my health and well-being. It may sound extreme but the job description ‘saviour’ comes to mind when I think of Nina’s feng shui service. Not alone has Nina made a positive transformation of our health and well-being, my energy levels have increased, my memory has improved, I am more at ease, and I am more confident house-hunting. I even have more money in my bank account!

Elizabeth C (Dublin)

We have had a number of unfortunate/unlucky events occur in our lives. Having moved into our current house approximately 10 years ago, it constantly appeared as though we were pushing water up a hill without much luck.  We knew we needed to change the energy in the house. Nina explained to us in very reasonable terms that there were energies in the house that were working against us. She then explained and gave us direction as to how to correct so many different areas. Things have begun to change already. Nina has a very non-judgemental attitude. She was very confident in her ability and therefore gave us complete confidence in her to help us. This enabled us to have a clear vision of our course of action. Nina had a wonderful way of explaining things to our children which ensured they were on board with everything that we needed to do, and this made the process so much easier. I felt relief, vindicated, empowered, as well as in control and that a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. We have run into hiccups with changing our home, but Nina had thankfully explained that this was more than likely going to happen which made us so much more determined to get the job done. She really explained the process so well to us. For me at the time I met Nina, she was a life saver! Thank you, Nina – I hope this meeting will have been the first of many.

Ita T (Co Dublin)

I met Nina at a house expo in Dublin and attended the talk she gave which really interested me. I spoke to her afterwards and liked her manner, and also loved the astrology. We were looking at renovating the house and Nina gave us good ideas from a feng shui perspective. She suggested we reposition the kid’s beds in their bedrooms and our own bed. It has made a huge difference. We also got rid of the bunk beds. I liked Nina’s manner and the astrology/feng shui mix was really interesting. Whilst working with Nina she covered directions and layout relating to each room, made sure headboards were not against a toilet wall, told us to keep doors to bathrooms closed at all times, and advised us against using too much glass in our proposed extension (which we had intended doing) for both design and feng shui reasons. She explained about energy flow through the house, door and window positions, positioning of cupboards over the head of a bed, issues concerning bunk beds, etc. She correctly pinpointed why we were so tired all the time and defined our personalities to a tee! It was particularly difficult for us to reposition our bed to face the right direction in our master bedroom as it has a lot of eaves, so Nina suggested creating an artificial wall on which to position it, creating a wardrobe area to the back of it. I think Nina was amazing, and although I would describe her as an interior designer, a feng shui expert and an astrologer, I think she could also help me reorganise a wardrobe full of clothes as she would be brilliant at choosing the right colours and styles to suit a person.

Grainne O’G (Co Cork)

From the moment I spoke with Nina I knew she was the right person to help with the design of our new home. She grasped my needs instinctively and her knowledge is endless and so valuable. I love how it was so important to her that all members of our family were catered to according to their needs. I could not recommend her highly enough and hope to work with her again soon.

Rosie G (Co Galway)

Nina is an absolute pleasure to work with! Professional, knowledgeable, efficient, empathetic, savvy, warm, engaging, and intuitive. I found her services over and beyond anything I could have imagined. She gave me sound advice on every area of my life, not just feng shui and my home. Her counsel crossed over home, personal, family and business life. Since actioning her recommendations, I have a lot more peace of mind across a lot of areas in my life. I genuinely feel I have received my investment back beyond measure. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to create change and harmony in their home, life, and future.

Mairead and Family (Cork)

We found Nina in the Golden Pages and as we were very interested in feng shui, we decided to give her a call and make an appointment.  Nina is quick to observe the layout of a house and gives expert guidance.  She offers a variety of easy and practical tips.  Her pleasant, calm, and patient approach is very reassuring and exceeded our expectations!  I would have no hesitation in recommending Nina for whatever task is required.  She brings positivity to those she helps and has certainly brought an abundance of good luck to me as well as other family members.

Elizabeth C (Dublin)

Nina reviewed our house and basically turned it into a home for us. She was so respectful of our wishes – listened to my kids’ ideas and was completely in tune with the family straight away. She changed big and small things that have made such a huge difference. She is so polite, kind, friendly and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you, Nina for all your hard work!

Martha H (Waterford)

After researching many sites on the Internet, I came across Nina’s. The site and what she was about really appealed to me. It was very clear and I was also impressed by other people’s comments. Nina began the process of obtaining balance within our home. She took time to go through each room and each individual and gave very clear and simple remedies to correct situations. Having only met Nina for the first time on the day I was so touched by her kindness and empathy. She took a holistic approach to our home and if I won the lotto tomorrow, I’d hire her for a month!! She is well worth the investment.

Mary F (Kilkenny)

I read about feng shui and knew the key components for successful feng shui are balance and harmony. I looked up the Golden Pages and found Nina. She helped to bring more balance and harmony to the home through the family’s best directions, elements, Chinese animal signs and weakest organs. We discussed this and then rearranged furniture, reviewed colour schemes, and changed the front door to the house. Nina was the only feng shui consultant and I am glad I found her. She understands what I want, she listens, and I feel very comfortable in her company. Well done Nina!

Rachel D (Co Carlow)

Such a pleasure to work with Nina, she was inspirational in helping me discover the true potential in our home. She helped me adapt our living room to accommodate adults and teens, provided design and storage ideas for teen bedrooms and helped get a new look for a dated kitchen. Nina is hands on helping make the very best of what you already have. Working with Nina feels like a true partnership, she listens, is authentic and highly committed. Nina is highly considerate of budget and really helped us to get the very best value for money.

Irene K (Wicklow)

I booked Nina after some online research regarding feng shui.  I loved the changes Nina recommended and we made the improvements that Nina suggested.  Initially our children were not interested in making the changes to their bedrooms.  However, once the changes were made they were very happy.  I think Nina’s suggestions worked very well for us because she incorporated feng shui, which is a system I have a strong belief in, and which involved directing energy, alignment of furniture, clear open spaces, and energy flowing throughout.  We did have to look at our finances when taking some changes and improvements on board as they were costly.  I could do with Nina’s recommendations for colour schemes next.