Breeda M (Tipperary)

I was in a rut – I knew my sitting room and kitchen needed a re-vamp, but where to start? I had heard about Nina and decided to give her a go. The best call I ever made, and when you only have 2 weeks holiday.. Nina got so much packed into a day. I would never have had the time. Nina was a treasure. She saved me so much time and money. A real treasure – she made little changes that made such a difference; moving a table, rearranging pictures and just super at picking perfect paint colours. Nina really listens and gives you great suggestions without taking over. I feel I am finally on my way to having a home for me, and I now look forward to coming home. Thank you, Nina!

Annemarie C (Co. Louth)

I felt that Nina really listened to me and therefore was the right person to advise me.  I liked the idea of combining interior design and feng shui, and just had a gut feeling that she could help me to achieve a stylish home.  Nina had so many simple ideas about switching around furniture and curtains, which made a huge difference and items already in my house were moved to other areas where they had more impact – and there was no expense involved.  Talking with Nina that day made me think about interior design in a completely fresh way.  I’m now making changes to the décor of my home (with feng shui in mind) as the budget allows and adding personal touches.  Her knowledge of feng shui and her advice will remain with me always.  After her visit, I have a notebook full of her ideas and am constantly referring to it. Nina is a perfectionist and very professional.  She has great design knowledge and is aware of budget restrictions.  I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Vivien McA (Tipperary)

Having taken part in a course on interior design directed by Nina, I was greatly impressed with her innovative approach to the entire spectrum of designing a room taking in every aspect of same.  She also consistently displayed tremendous enthusiasm and interest in the subject. Her suggestions on colour schemes, texture, lighting, flooring, etc. proved to be very harmonious and peaceful.  She left no stone unturned to ensure that the clever use of light and blending of colours resulted in a very satisfactory result.  Nina has obviously built up a very extensive portfolio of knowledge and expertise in the area of interior design.

Miriam B (Kilkenny)

A shop I visited recommended Nina to help me makeover an old farmhouse. Our first contact was warm and friendly, as if we knew each other a long time. Nina gave me lots of ideas as my house was in a bad way, and she worked long hours to make my new home lovely and homely. She is a very caring and patient person, and her service is wonderful. In today’s modern world of computers there’s nothing like the personal touch, and Nina was very personable. Working with her was a great experience, she gave me more confidence, and she brought life and warmth to my home. I miss her company – I feel as though I hired a friend – keep up the good work Nina!

Jo McD (Waterford)

Nina was recommended by a friend. I didn’t have to agonise any further about what matched what, and she saved me some money by avoiding buying the wrong things. Nina added the feng shui element as well as being excellent with colours, textures, shapes, materials.  Also, I liked that she used my existing furniture and rearranged same. She has a sense of humour and she needed it!  She nicely and politely suggested to me that some ‘naff’ stuff needed to be done without!  She was very reliable – she never cancelled.  She has excellent good taste. She was patient with me too as I couldn’t download a reference web site and she patiently sent it to me a few times. I found her to be a sympathetic co-ordinator of household effects.

Anne D (Waterford)

I chose Nina because having discussed with her the problem areas in my home that needed fixing I felt confident in her abilities to come up with creative and practical solutions. She was confident and professional in her approach to the projects, and she brought about great changes and enjoyment in the adjustments carried out. One of her many skills is that she spends time getting to know her client’s style, tastes, needs, etc.

Nicola W (Co Tipperary)

I have had the pleasure of having Nina provide her Feng Shui expertise in our home. She is an absolute professional, who excels in her field. Her advice and skills have made our home so much calmer and her interior design is incredible. I would highly recommend Nina to anyone looking to improve a few rooms or their entire home.

Stella & Eddie C (Wexford)

From our initial meeting with Nina we were impressed with her professional approach to advising us on the new sitting room scheme. Nina guided us through and assessed the choice of materials and colours available through her trustworthy suppliers. The room’s décor was changed from dull and dark to a timeless scheme and a relaxing place in which we enjoy spending time. From her first visit to our home we have enjoyed Nina’s friendliness and looked forward to her return visits. Through her professional advice and services, she has enriched our home.

Catherine D (Tipperary)

Nina was recommended to me by a friend as I was finding it difficult to manage the decoration of my home. She has put the heart into my home. The décor is subtle, pleasing, and homely. She understood how I felt about my house and the difficulties I was experiencing in bringing the house together into a pleasant living environment.

Mary B (Co Dublin)

From the moment I spoke with Nina I knew I had found a gem. As soon as Nina walked through my hall door her knowledge came into play. She views and scans your home with her astounding knowledge. Because of the many restrictions as my property is rented, I didn’t think Nina could do much with my place. Instead, she came up with one super solution after another. I did everything Nina advised and I can’t get over the difference in my place now. After spending time with her, I wouldn’t dream of buying, renting or selling a property without Nina by my side. A superb investment indeed!

Maura K (Co Tipperary)

You transform people’s lives by being an inspiration when you are with them; you light up a room. Your confident presentation of suggestions/ideas helps people to see things and consider things they never had considered before – and then as you walk them thru the changes and assist and guide and ask every step of the way, it’s easy to take your ideas on board – and be pleasantly thrilled at the “transformation”. You often give new life to things discarded in a box or considered “junk” and also help people get rid of things they’ve ignored or had around for a long time without ever considering if they continue to serve a purpose. Most importantly, you ALWAYS find a home for items that people truly value – often for sentimental reasons not monetary value – even if it doesn’t really “fit” into the look/result you were aiming for. The changes you help them make leads them to want to do more. It’s an evolutionary process. You get great value when you shop (or bring people shopping with you). You get quality and a good price and you don’t spend for spending’s sake. For instance, something that can be bought at TK Max rather than Brown Thomas and still hit the mark perfectly. You do the same type of shopping for your well-to-do clients as for the “ham and eggers” like me! The comments from my friends on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ and their reaction to the transformation is more of a head swivel than for those of us that go thru the process. They see the before/after and are astounded! Not only by the better look of the space, but the FEEL of the place. The effect of decluttering has to be felt to be believed!!! It is SO transformational.

Esther (Co Wicklow)

Tired of being in a rut, smothered by my personal junk and possessions, exhausted from trying to find the right remedy for me, I finally found my answer – Nina Kati. In one consultation she waded through my house, knee deep in both personal and material clutter, helped me formulate a plan that helped me to identify what it was in my life and home that needed to be stripped away, disposed of, appreciated, or highlighted. In a very tactful and kind manner, she pointed out what was good in my life and what was holding me back. Together we worked on a plan that would release me from the weights in my life, replacing this with clarity and direction so I could happily move forward and live the life I wanted. This plan of action applied to my home and to me personally. I now have a home that I can enjoy living in short term and know what to do with it in the long term. I now also know myself and what I really want out of life and how to achieve it.  Nina’s most powerful tools are both her personal approach to the task in hand as well as the overall situation, and how she translates feng shui principles, making them simple, easy to understand and to apply. In summary, Nina helped me to transform my life.  Her experience, wisdom and guidance left me in a better place.  With the added pressure of the recession and all the associated negativity, I’m relieved that I met Nina when I did, and her guidance has been an invaluable tool since.