It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing


Meet an Expert – Feng Shui for Your House

We all have heard about feng shui when it comes to decoration and arrangement of spaces; but what is behind this exotic concept? How does feng shui work? For starters, let’s begin by pronouncing it the right way by saying Fung Shway, which is strange for us Europeans when we read something like Feng Shui. To satisfy further curiosities about feng shui, we talk with Irish expert Nina Kati.

What does being a Chinese feng shui expert entail?

As an interior designer and authentic Chinese feng shui expert, I work to positively transform personal energies, and improve health, wealth, harmony and happiness of the whole household. I specialise in uniquely tailored feng shui designs and makeovers based on birth dates. This involves de-cluttering, re-organising, re-purposing, re-styling and re-modelling a home, using mostly what already exists, in order to create calm, elegant, healing interiors. Delivering a positive outcome is at the heart of everything I do concerning all aspects of my clients’ lives.

What is the purpose of authentic feng shui?

To apply authentic feng shui you must first establish information required to match people to their homes and workplaces within the time cycles and energy rhythms of nature, as this is how to ensure people will have happy, healthy, wealthy and harmonious lives. Authentic feng shui is an accurate science used to encourage health, luck, opportunities and prosperity, and as such has a direct impact on positively transforming the lives of people and their living/working spaces.

Although you are based in Ireland, homes are basically the same all around Europe. What would your advise be regarding the front door and hall?

This is where all energy enters the building. The entrance concerns all aspects of the occupants’ lives. A front door should face a good direction for the occupants, be aligned to a certain compass degree reading, and not be directly aligned to create a taboo situation (eg: lined up directly with a back door with nothing between them will not slow down or stop energy passing through too quickly).

What happens with feng shui in a purpose-built one-bedroom city apartment?

One such client, a lady, experienced constant and severe sickness in her head area, negatively affecting her health and relationships. When she moved in, 13 years ago, she had aligned the bed’s headboard against a wall behind which there was a toilet. This is a serious taboo that quickly destroys health and relationships with long-term, major consequences (sewer energy toxifies the system and turns people against you). Her regularly severe migraines had worsened over the years, rendering her unable to work for many days at a time. Doctor’s bills, hospital tests, powerful prescription drugs and strained relationships were causing her untold stress. I suggested a relatively simple solution with no financial outlay – realigning the bed direction and position, to ensure it faced a good direction for her (based on her birth date and other authentic feng shui information). I also recommended she avoid spicy food, detoxifying her system and introducing relaxation techniques. She now gets mild migraines rarely and if she does, they last far shorter periods. Happily, her relationships are also on a much better keel too!

What would an authentic feng shui expert do?

The process involves a site visit of a property and its analysis using a special compass, checks for taboos that require correction, and cross-checking personal energies of occupants. Concentration, accuracy and expert knowledge build up layer-upon-layer of data. A good practitioner may use many schools of practice. The time it takes depends on the number of people involved, the size of the building, the seriousness of the situation, and other factors.  Everything has a knock-on, domino-like effect, so it is important for the client to apply all specific recommendations in their entirety for the right results to be achieved. This is a holistic system and the more the client follows recommendations, then the more positive the transformation, and the better the results for everyone involved!

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