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March 2015 Today FM Sunday Business Show Programme ‘Fit for Business’

For this week’s Fit for Business slot Myra Hayes meets Nina Kati and discusses the place of Feng Shui in the office

“We got a great reaction through text to the feature” Myra Hayes, Series Producer at Today FM Sunday Business Programme where the aim of the show is to come at business from a more holistic approach and take a mind body and soul perspective to our working lives.

Tune in to the Sunday Business Programme 10 - 11am on Today FM to hear Nina Kati’s tips on how to create a better work space using feng shui principles both in your home office and at your place of work.

Learn about the power seat, how to attract better opportunities and become more successful.

We will be looking at the feng shui of your office whether it is an open plan office, study or home office situation.

  • What exactly Feng shui is and where the concept originates from
  • Basic tips for setting up an office or study
  • Where to position the desk, taboos to avoid and the power seat
  • Lighting, seating and ergonomics
  • Indoor plants and create a healthy work environment
  • Earth’s energies, people’s energies and teamwork
  • Who uses feng shui i.e. wealthy and successful business people and well-known international corporations

Rethink that Red front Door- It’s not very Inviting

Having a run of bad luck? It could be down to your front door!

There seems to be a trend in Ireland for red front doors. While the reasons for this maybe simply down to personal taste, it’s important to note that in the world of Feng Shui it is not necessarily good at all - in fact it could be a bad thing!

Front doors are very important, not just for getting in and out of your house but also in feng shui. It is through the front door, also called the mouth of Chi, that the house receives its nourishment of feng shui energy. This influx of energy, its quality and strength, determines the quality of energy in your home.

As your personal energy is intricately connected to the quality of energy in your home, do your best to create good feng shui in your space, starting with the right colour on your front door.

The colour red is particularly bad as it is a fire colour which can can trigger misfortune to the occupants of the house!

With more and more people working from home and most startups starting from the spare room it’s worth taking a listen to our recent interview with Feng Shui expert Nina Kati to talk about simple changes that can bring success and a lotta moola!