Nina’s most powerful tools are both her personal approach to the task in hand as well as the overall situation, and how she translates feng shui principles, making them simple, easy to understand and to apply

Esther D (Co Wicklow)

3 Top Tips to Start the New Year Afresh

1 Detox & Invigorate

Learn natural ways to detox and reinvigorate both your body and your home

2 Cleanse & Refresh

Find out how to cleanse away old energies, refresh and start anew

3 Harmonise & Balance

Discover simple ways to harmonise your energies with the energies of your spaces to create balance and harmony in your home and in your life

Half Hour Duration Including Q&A

I wanted to enhance my living space through this fascinating practice and Nina was my first and only choice. Her advice ensured I reaped the benefits from applying corrective measures to my living space

Niamh G (Co Louth)