The ideas Nina offered me really lifted the positive energy to the next new level. I would highly recommend Nina to you if you are looking for interior design with an expectation of positive transformation in your life

Jane L (Dublin)

The Power of Positive Transformation

Colours & Textiles

Decorating using uplifting and energising colours, patterns and textures to positively transform the look and feel of a space, window dressing styles, and rugs and artwork

Furnishings & Layouts

Configuring the layout of a space to create sociable ambience, placement of furniture to harness power and strength, best alignments for priority items to create greater harmony, and furnishing positions that support your health, wealth and relationships

Feng Shui Interior Design

Using Feng shui interior design to positively transform your spaces – make the most of features, storage, flooring, fireplaces, finishes to create spaces that are energised, harmonised and optimised

2.5 Hour Duration Including Q&A

We still get that ‘Wow!’ when friends come for the first time. Nina has amazingly workable ideas. I highly recommend her. Thank you so much Nina for our beautiful home!

Kathleen H (Tipperary)