I found feng shui really amazing. Nina shared the principles with me, and I discovered how something as easy as moving my bed to my best direction could make such a difference. I learned about which things to do and at the right time, how to attract the best energies, and how to live a richer life

Mary D (Galway)

How to Maximise Positivity, Live Your Best Life  & Shine


Learn about your personality, your health and wellbeing, what suits your energies, career options and how to make the most of your potential in life


Find ways to improve how you think, the way you communicate, optimal timing and maximising your personal energies to create a more positive life for you and your family


Discover why you get along with some and not so well with others, simple ways to improve family harmony, your relationships with significant others, and discover the key to finding your soulmate

2.5 Hour Duration Including Q&A

Nina gave me the most wonderful advice and direction in a time when I needed it the most

Ciara R (Cork)