Sleeping patterns for my daughter and I improved tenfold, my daughter no longer complained of a sick tummy in the mornings, and communication between my daughter and I is much easier, more open and loving, and is without effort

Margaret C (Co Meath)

How to Create Happier Healthier Spaces to Benefit You & Your Family & Live Better


Find out the best ways to detox and cleanse your system and your spaces so you can be more alert, decisive, clear-thinking, efficient and energised and so your spaces can feel cleansed, tranquil, balanced and harmonised


Declutter your space and reclaim your headspace, clear out your mind and your emotions so you can let go, and create a home that feels lightweight, airy, spacious and fresh


Learn the best ways to energise your home and body so you can feel happier, improve your vitality, increase your longevity, and create healthier spaces for you and your family to live and work in

2.5 Hour Duration Including Q&A

The peace, prosperity and balance in my home is more than I can ever imagine and that is thanks to Nina

Carmel H (Waterford)