‘Feng Shui’ expert Nina Kati will create a positively impactful interior at the Colortrend Interior Design Forum

The Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show takes place this Bank Holiday weekend

Have you ever felt unwelcome in a house, unable to relax at home? Or is your life a little ‘stuck’ and not moving on? Well, Ireland’s leading feng shui expert Nina Kati might just be able to provide you with the answers at the Permanent TSB Ideal Home Show over the bank holiday weekend, where she will be on hand to answer your questions at the Colortrend Interior Design Forum.

Other designers in the forum line-up are Lisa Marconi and Sarah Drumm of Dust, Thelma Henry of Thelma Henry Interiors; Grace O’Brien of State of Grace; Noelle O’Donoghue of Noelle Interiors, Ciara Drennan of Drennan Interior Design and Catherine Murphy of Catherine Murphy Interiors who will each create a different look.

Nina Kati will show visitors how to improve their lives by positively transforming their homes and workspaces through good feng shui design. Nina will create an interior room set designed along feng shui principles featuring Colortrend’s historic collection of fabulous paints; a cool, calm and elegant pale grey for the walls in Calamities (1315) by Colortrend in a luxury matt finish; and a soft, rich grey tone using Colortrend’s Buffed Plum (1317).

While we’ve heard little about feng shui in the past few years, it is still very much practised in Irish homes across the nation claims leading expert Nina Kati. The 4000-year-old practice is here to stay; the wealthy invest in feng shui to protect their interests, corporates use feng shui to create productive environments for staff and increase revenue, while property consultants use it to prepare properties for sale or rent. Irish people use it in their homes to improve their health, wealth, harmony and happiness.

So how does feng shui impact on a person’s life?

Use colour to influence your mood, de-stress and create calm ... Colours can be used to alter the mood of a room, as well as provide an insight into our true personality. Reds such as Colortrend’s Velvet Cake (1124) represent passion and power and can be used to stimulate energy-generating activity, enthusiasm and creativity, while a cool blue such as Colortrend’s Abstract Idea (0643) or a warmer shade such as Colortrend’s Blue Bayou (0615) - blue is a colour that instills loyalty, trust and faith - can be used to calm energy, creating a gentle, soothing ambience conducive to relaxation.

De-clutter, re-organise and energise your home and your life ...

Forget a cluttered and disorganized mish-mash of furniture and objects in an interior. Feng shui is all about balance and harmony. Aim for neat and organised rooms using strong symmetry and regular shapes to create a sense of order, then add soft colours with rich accents and fluid patterns, along with using natural elements such as wood, brick, crystal glass and metals together with soft textures, sensual surfaces and tactile elements, and all in proportion to one another.

Good energy flow will improve your finances and your fortunes ...

Rooms should have low furniture, comfortable seating and good acoustics, whilst mirrors, thorny plants, sharp corners and jagged shapes should be avoided. Think floor rugs, full-length drapes, plenty of cushions and interesting textures. Energy should flow well throughout a home, so keep traffic areas free from obstacles and ensure surfaces are not covered with too many ornaments and knick-knacks. Clean your gutters – they are directly connected to the flow of money!

Use positive imagery for the benefit of mind, body and spirit

Another important aspect to the decoration of our personal spaces is the effect our surroundings have on our mind, body and spirit. In particular, many people overlook the importance positive imagery has on our mind and our mood, affecting our self- esteem, peace of mind and inner contentment.

For example, display photos or images of people or situations that make us happy rather than sad, and objects or gifts that evoke pleasant thoughts and wonderful memories. In master bedrooms it is better to display a smiling photo of a loving couple rather than religious pictures or effigies – certainly a lot better for your love life!

Light up your home and your life and welcome in new opportunities ...

Light is one of the most important aspects in the home. It raises the vibration of a house creating better opportunities leading to success in life. One of the hallmarks of feng shui is the lucky ‘bright hall’, a well-sized and well-lit entrance to the home welcoming in lots of opportunities thereby improving the fortunes of all of the occupants.

Skylights are far better than dormers, and windows should be kept clean as they are the equivalent in feng shui terms to your eyes. They influence how you see the world outside as well as how the world sees you. Dirty, tarnished or damaged windows or mirrors are not lucky, and avoid enhancing this negative effect by the use of crystals nearby as they expand the energy surrounding them, good or bad.

Take control of your destiny and achieve your full potential in life ...

It’s important to pay attention to the sounds around your house and get rid of anything that is noisy or disturbing to you, especially if it is preventing you from sleeping properly. Proper rest and relaxation helps you seize opportunities, take maximum control over your own destiny and achieve your full potential.

The key is to add more of the sounds that bring joy to your life and remove the ones that bring any negative energy, such as the sound of a squeaking door or faulty door handle – in feng shui terms this can be the cause of bickering, particularly between parents and their children.

The permanent tsb Ideal Home Show takes place in the RDS Simmonscourt on Friday 23 October (12 noon to 7pm), Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 October (10am to 6pm) and Monday, 26 October (11 am to 6 pm). www.idealhome.ie, www.colortrend.ie