Feng Shui can change lifestyle for the better

Ancient oriental art is based on the notion that energy flows through everything, including our homes

By Claire Collender

If your life is far from perfect at the moment, did you ever consider putting the blame for this on the colour on the kitchen walls or the positioning of the furniture?

Yes indeed, it may sound ridiculous, but according to the centuries-old Chinese practice of Feng Shui, the way we decorate our home and where we place our belongings can have a major effect on our emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

The ancient oriental art is based on the notion that energy flows through everything, including our homes. Positive energy, “chi”, has a good effect and negative energy, “cha”, obviously has quite the opposite effect.

A lot of it can be put down to basic common sense – if the home is in a state of disarray then this will be reflected in various aspects of our everyday lives, past experiences and future aspirations.

Feng Shui is considered to be a lifestyle, rather than a form of interior design and its popularity has spread to the West and is on the rise in Ireland.

A Waterford-based company, Working Wonders, specialises in interior design and Feng Shui consultations and according to them the trend has gained momentum in this country in particular.

“It’s hugely popular and has really taken us by surprise. We thought we would meet the biggest demand for it in places like Dublin or Cork but it has really taken off down here,” Nina Kati, Managing Director, commented. Relationship trouble, career going nowhere fast and other life imbalances can all, apparently, be rectified by implementing some Feng Shui principles.

It may all seem like a pile of rubbish, but why then are increasing numbers of people adopting the trend? Working Wonders maintains nowadays people are more interested than ever before in their general health and are willing to examine alternative practices.

And whether you go for the DIY approach or engage the help of a Feng Shui expert, matching the unique energies of you and your family with your home can enhance the happiness, wealth and harmony of the entire household.

For all those out there open to trying new ideas, a few of the golden rules of Feng Shui include ensuring everything in the house is tidy and organised and do not store anything under the bed or in the attic.

Also, repair or get rid of anything that is broken and cover all electric sockets to keep bad “chi” at bay. Be careful where you put mirrors in the house and don’t put them in the bedroom, unless it is inside a wardrobe door. Cover the drains outside the house and – this one is especially for all the men folk – make sure the toilet seat is down at all times.

Feng Shui is not a modern-day fad – after all the Chinese have been adhering to it for nearly 4000 years now. So if you are looking to restore a little harmony to your life, or maybe just looking for an excuse to keep the house clean and organised, why not give it a go?

You can contact Working Wonders at www.workingwonders.ie or by telephone at (051) 646273.