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The interior designer What are the Feng Shui rules for a small baby’s bedroom?

SC, Dublin

The bedroom of a house specifically relates to health, healing, relationships and self-development. Children’s bedrooms particularly impact on their feelings of security, on the development of their social integration skills and on the development of a positive attitude in general.

The direction in which the bed is positioned has the most important influence in feng shui terms, because the energy relating to these areas of our lives is absorbed during the night. Each person has a set of best directions based on their date of birth and once these are established, the head of the bed can be positioned to maximise their own potential and to ensure they have the best chance of becoming happy, healthy and even successful individuals.

As a general rule, you should always avoid positioning a child’s cot too close to the entrance door of the bedroom.

You should, for example, never line up the foot of the cot with the door because this is considered very unlucky. The best place for the cot would be the safest and most protected position in the room, preferably against two solid walls. It is better to hang mobiles at the foot of the cot and not to store anything under it.

Children’s rooms should be cosy, inviting and warm places to spend time in. Mirrors should not be present in bedrooms as they drain the energy from the room and disturb the child’s sleep. You should ideally choose furniture with rounded edges and avoid using larger items of furniture in the room. Place loving photographs of family members around the room as well as lots of soft toys.

Energising colours in the bedroom also inspire mental activity and creativity. Different colours have different associations. Pink is a warm and soothing colour, while blue represents protection, consideration and care. Yellow has a gathering influence and stimulates mental energy, wisdom, excitement and fun. The colour orange promotes communication, as it is a highly social colour. Red is a very stimulating colour and therefore, it should only be used sparingly in the bedroom.

Nina Kati is managing director of Working Wonders, interior designers, feng shui consultants and trainers