Nina Kati – Working Wonders

Nina Kati is an interior designer and feng shui practitioner. She runs a design company called Working Wonders based in Co Waterford, which specialises in Feng Shui design projects for buildings and landscape.

Working Wonders offers advice, design and training services to clients throughout the southeast, and a gift voucher service for a gift with a difference. It was through her travels in the Far East and her work as an interior designer that she became increasingly interested in the ancient Oriental art of Feng Shui, which creates harmony between people and their homes. Nina integrates the principles of Feng Shui as a central theme in her design projects and advises clients on Feng Shui changes that will assist them to become happy, healthy and wealthy. She runs training courses, seminars and workshops for the public and corporate sectors, organises field trips and gives presentations to community groups on a regular basis. Her courses are simple and informative, logical and easy to understand. For further information, you can visit the company’s web site at www.workingwonders.i e or you can contact Nina on 051-646273.