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April 22, 2016
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May 6, 2016
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Feng shui is concerned with matching people to their homes and workplaces. It is used to maximise positive energy and minimise harmful energy and in this way it can help people to live happy, healthy, wealthy lives, and to achieve their maximum potential in life.  Feng shui primarily deals with health, as this is your wealth, then relationships, as we all need support in life, and then wealth – if your health and relationship are good, then the money and opportunities and fortunate blessings will follow.

Using a Chinese Lo Pan compass will determine vital information about a property and whether or not it suits the occupants. A home is then set up according to the unique needs of the occupants. The most important person in the home is the breadwinner, whether male or female, so the house must suit them first and foremost. They are also most affected by the energies in the home and must have the support of these energies in order to put food on the table and to ensure the bills are paid.

A house with good feng shui will give a family:

    • Best opportunities and prospects, luck and destiny, and wealth
    • Best nutrition and health, longevity and strong descendants
    • Best rest and recuperation, peace and harmony
    • Best work efficiency, career opportunities and business prospects
    • Best study capabilities, ease of learning and good results

To achieve good feng shui, the site must be right in terms of landscape and the plot correct for the house and the occupants.  The energies must also be aligned in the interior so that they create a positive outcome, and this includes the front door and hall, the cooker and kitchen, the desk and office, and the bed and bedroom.

Thank you for reading my blog on ‘What is Feng Shui?’ In the coming weeks, my next blogs will include Feng Shui Horoscopes and Tips on Interior Design.

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