Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 7: Finally..

Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 6: The Feng Shui of the House
February 14, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 7: Finally..

May I take this opportunity to thank Dheai Ilsaaid most sincerely for being my mentor, my confidant, my teacher and my friend, and for inviting me to write this overview as a foreword for his first book on Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy.

It has been a long and enjoyable journey, and I am most grateful for the teachings I have received from the many wonderful people I was blessed to meet along the way.

Now, the next destination on this fascinating journey is just as exciting.

I hope you will enjoy reading this overview and that you will read his book, and by learning the science behind Oriental medicine, Eastern philosophy and Feng Shui, I also hope these teachings will help you to live an extraordinary life and truly shine.

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  1. Maria Kelly says:

    Hi Nina

    I heard you on the radio this morning. I love Feng Shui and have had my home assessed by my good friend Edel Cleary, perhaps you know her? I have adapted her suggestions and we live harmoniously most of the time.

    I’d love to adopt and use your daily mantra and wonder if you might send me a copy.

    Many thanks


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