Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 6: The Feng Shui of the House

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February 13, 2017
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February 15, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 6: The Feng Shui of the House

As an authentic Feng Shui practitioner based in South-East Ireland, I deal with balancing energy and creating harmony within the home and family. My maxim is ‘Positively transforming spaces’.

I deal with Feng Shui for the living, and I use Oriental practices and Eastern philosophy to find solutions to problems for my clients to improve their lives and the well-being of the whole household.

I also run workshops where I teach the principles of Feng Shui, deliver presentations on a variety of topics nationally, and I work with clients to help set their goals and aspirations by creating a ‘Life Plan’ tailored uniquely to them.

The home is our ‘outer skin’, so Feng Shui is concerned with the energies of the home and the body, which are considered interconnected due to a constant transference between them. For instance, the roof relates to the skull, the windows to the eyes, the entrance door to the mouth, and so on, and each area (or sector) of the home relates to, and therefore affects, many different aspects of family members’ health including the organs of the body, and so on.

I take the birth dates of the family members to determine their energies, and then I match these elements with the property they live in to optimise the flow of energy within the building and therefore the flow of energy within their bodies, transforming both the house and its occupants into happy, healthy, wealthy people living better lives in harmonious homes with brighter futures ahead of them.

My clients’ health is my top priority (health is wealth), followed by relationships and lastly finances. This is because if your health is good, then your relationships will become good, and then your finances will do well also. Therefore, your health affects all aspects of your life, so if your health is compromised then all else suffers.


  1. Helen says:

    Hello I heard you on South Dublin Radio, I think you may be able to guide our family as we really need something to change and improve in all our lives. I feel the house is at the root of all the issues we are struggling with, could you give me some idea of how much you charge for a consultation.

  2. Elizabeth Desmond says:

    I am interested in finding out more about this service

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