Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 5: Timing

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February 12, 2017
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February 14, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 5: Timing

To determine a person’s health at a specific moment in time, this holistic approach is used to read the energy flow (also referred to as prana or chi) within a person as well as the energetic imprint that is carried forward from generations prior which affects their mind, body, spirit and soul, and then clients are treated accordingly.

This is because energy is constantly moving and changing, therefore the treatment of a person’s health will be entirely different during their next visit to the practitioner. This is a new moment and now their situation is different again. In this way, the diagnosis of a person’s health on each occasion must be freshly addressed, and therefore their treatment is adjusted accordingly, just as the timing in my clients’ lives will be different each time I visit their homes to carry out an assessment of their Feng Shui.

Timing is vital in Oriental medicine, Eastern philosophy and Feng Shui. There are lots of different timings, but one example is that there are energy channels in the body that convert from yin to yang every two hours through a 24-hour time cycle. This is like an up and down, peak and trough process that has many implications, including which organ belongs to each 2-hour time slot, and how they are affected during that period.

If in pain, the form of pain you will feel will also change accordingly, e.g. throbbing, scalding, shooting, stabbing, burning or piercing pain. Endorphins, the body’s natural response to pain, will significantly reduce at night, and then the pain will become more intense.

The time slot that falls between 2am and 4am is the most intense of all, when a mini explosion of cosmic energy takes place in the universe. This is when the Cosmos is at its most active, and this is why it is the most ideal time to attempt to conceive a child.

It is at night time when the body must rest and rejuvenate as this is when cells are repaired or replaced, and when the mind empties to allow the brain to take in new information. It is for this reason that it is so important for a person to sleep well at night especially during specific 2-hour time slots in the 24-hour cycle. If you miss this opportunity to rest the mind and body, then no matter when you try to catch up at other times in the 24-hour time cycle, whether a short nap or longer, you will only snooze without sleeping well and still feel tired when you wake. This is detrimental to the sub-conscious mind and to the body itself, negatively impacting on a person’s health.

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