Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 4: Cause & Effect, Action & Consequence

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February 11, 2017
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February 13, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 4: Cause & Effect, Action & Consequence

This philosophy is about cause and effect, action and consequence. Using it to good effect will result in a positive outcome due to several factors; your thoughts, your behaviour, the consequences.

The way you perceive things and your perspective on everything can be affected by this knowledge, and therefore the subsequent decisions you make.

Your actions, that is the way you behave, can also be affected including changing your learned habits.

Furthermore, your thoughts and actions have a karmic impact too, i.e. the consequence. These karmic vibrations affect your mind, body, spirit and the rest of the universe, and negative or positive thoughts and actions will lead to opposite results. By doing good deeds you will generate goodwill – what goes around will come around, no matter the fact that it may happen at a different time and from a different source, but it will come, and it will come at the right time.

Karma is also affected by the law of physics, in that the reverberation of your actions will have as much effect on you as it will for the person whom you are affecting or the situation that you are bringing about. In Feng Shui terms everything we do in our lifetime affects up to seven generations that come after us. Simultaneously, during our lifetime up to seven generations are looking after us from ‘above’. This is cause and effect, action and consequence.

Life is a wheel that is always turning, and this wheel of life eventually goes back to its starting point. For instance, when we are born our eyesight has yet to be developed, we cannot walk, we have little comprehension or ability to remember, and we have no teeth to chew our food. If we live for long enough, our sight will totally diminish, we will have great difficulty walking, we will begin to lose our cognitive and retentive functions, and even our teeth will eventually fall out. Not pretty, I know, but this is the natural order of things!

Once your thoughts and actions become more positive, then the consequence of this is positive change in your life as well as for those whom you are connected to, and in turn this will improve your luck, your health will be good, your relationships will become better, you will have more support in your life, and you will have a greater sense of well-being – these are your fortunate blessings in life. As they say, it is much better to be born lucky than wealthy…

Health consists of all aspects of the self; your mind both conscious and sub-conscious, your structural and functioning body, your spirit and soul that resides within. In fact, every aspect of how you are made at a cellular level from the beginnings of humankind to the way you function, including your emotional health starting from its true beginnings i.e. from even before you were born (your inherited emotions which make up your emotional DNA that links you to your lineage), to the energy imprint you will leave behind when you depart this life.

Oriental medicine and Eastern philosophy is truly and completely holistic and affects all aspects of your well-being, and all those connected to you, across many generations before and after your physical existence, because we are all as one, existing as one and even resonating as one at a similar frequency to the planet, and the rest of the plants and creatures that inhabit Earth.

The energy frequency of the vibration of the individual and of the collective whole relates to the entire Cosmos. This philosophy is a universal approach to life and death, the whole universe, and on into the afterlife.

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