Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 3: Breath, The Life Force

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February 10, 2017
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February 12, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 3: Breath, The Life Force

Let me begin by explaining in plain language the fundamentals of this philosophy so that the content herein is put into a simple format within a logical framework. I want to make it easier for you, the reader, to understand health holistically from an Oriental perspective.

Breathing is top priority in Oriental medicine. Everything is based on breathing, that is breathing properly, and this is entirely the foundation for your good health, because this is the basis for the life force. Breathing is life and life is breathing.

Your immune system starts at the nose, because this is where the chi first enters the body. Breathing in and out through the nose allows the air to be filtered and regulated before it enters the body.

It is the breath that carries oxygen to all parts of the body, so this chi must enter and exit the body properly to nourish the organs correctly and, also, to positively affect the mind and the emotions.

Inhaling is yin and nourishing. Exhaling is yang and about letting go and moving on. Oxygen represents life and inherited genes. Carbon represents death. There must be a good balance of both for a happy, healthy life.

The act of inhalation is to breathe air into the lungs properly, bringing oxygen and nourishment to all the organs. The act of exhaling is to release carbon and other gaseous toxins from the body. This directly affects many systems and organ functions in the body; digestion, excretion, fertilisation and so on.

If breathing is not carried out properly and effectively, then this will lead to many health issues, e.g. constipation.

Everything depends on the breath to function correctly, including non-physical senses such as concentration, memorisation, anticipation, perception, wisdom, intuition and intellect.

As part of Oriental medicine, treatment begins with learning how to breathe properly, positively affecting and changing the chi in the body, thereby changing the thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and overall health of the person. The body’s temperature will regulate, they will begin to feel calm, their memory recall improves, and they will have better mental clarity, amongst many other immediate benefits.

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