Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 1: An Overview

Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – An Overview
February 3, 2017
Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 2: The Feng Shui of the Body
February 10, 2017
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Oriental Medicine & Eastern Philosophy – Part 1: An Overview

I write this overview as an introduction to the subjects of Oriental medicine, Eastern philosophy and Feng Shui in the hope that I can convey the importance of the powerful knowledge of each. I work hard to empower others by sharing the secret science behind this philosophy through my work and through education.

This information is not intended to disregard or replace modern medicine, and I am not a medical doctor. However, it can be regarded as an alternative approach that can be used alongside modern medicine as a complement to general medical practice. As they say, ask the right person the right question at the right time and you will get the right answer – and maybe that answer (or part thereof) is right here waiting for you to discover it.

On reading about these topics please bear in mind you may have been in a certain mind-set and emotional state at the time, so you were more likely to be engaged by specific topics as they grabbed you, because they may have held interest or value or relevance for you at that moment. However, each time you re-read information about this, you will most likely discover new things, linking more and more of the information together to form a bigger picture as you go.

This is what is most fascinating about these teachings – the pieces of information, the links that bring this information together into segments, how the linked segments connect, and then the big picture itself. It will stretch your mind and open it to new possibilities.

It is important for me to mention here that this philosophy is completely independent of religion, nor does it matter what the reader’s beliefs are or what their value system is. This philosophy is a universal approach that does not depend on a person’s age, sex, colour, creed, nationality, background, or experiences.

This information is self-empowering. It is a new philosophy and a new way of living. It may be that you are looking to educate yourself in this area, or perhaps to find a solution to a specific health issue, but in any case, for you this may be a completely new perspective as well as a totally new subject, and I want to help you grasp the reasoning behind this philosophy in the easiest way possible.

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