Review your home, reclaim your space and renew your energy with a day dedicated to de-cluttering your mind and your emotions. Nina will help you clear away clutter from your interior, de-junk your living space, and re-organise your home.  She will advise you on what storage best suits your needs, provide ideas to make your home more user friendly, and help you bring back balance to your home and to your life.

Tired of being in a rut, smothered by my personal junk and possessions, exhausted from trying to find the right remedy for me, I finally found my answer: Nina. In one consultation she waded through my house, knee deep in both personal and material clutter, and helped me formulate a plan to identify what it was in my life and home that needed to be stripped away, disposed of, appreciated or highlighted. In a very tactful and kind manner, she pointed out what was good in my life and what was holding me back. Together we worked on a plan to release me from the weights in my life, find clarity and direction, and happily move forward and live the life I wanted. I cannot describe the feeling of freedom and clarity the experience brought, the relief I felt to have a sense of direction, a feeling of harmony and of everything in its right place. Nina's most powerful tools are her personal approach to the task in hand and how she uses feng shui principles. In summary, she helped transform my life.