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Nina offers a range of customised services focussed on achieving transformative results with you, your home, garden or workplace - all with her help tailored to your unique needs over the course of just one day. She inspires and motivates you, speedily achieving incredible results with you, so you can move forward with your life. If there is more to do, you can book her on an as-and-when-needed basis to spread your budget and so you won't feel overwhelmed or time-stretched. Start a whole new journey; following your declutter rescue, Nina can help you with a designer makeover, and if you feel inspired to create a whole new look or replace tired furnishings, you can book her as a personal shopper, and so on...


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Declutter & Reorganise

Review your home, reclaim your space and renew your energy with a day dedicated to de-cluttering your mind, your emotions and your home. Nina will help you clear away clutter from your interior, de-junk your home, and re-organise your place - without being ruthless. This house rescue service is totally tailored to you. She can advise on storage to best suit your needs, share ideas to make your home user friendly, select colours and find organising solutions that help you bring back balance to your home and life.


'Tired of being in a rut, smothered by my personal junk and possessions, exhausted from trying to find the right remedy for me, I finally found my answer: Nina. In one day, she waded through my house, knee deep in both personal and material clutter, and identified what needed to be stripped away, disposed of, appreciated or highlighted - and all in a very tactful and kind manner. I felt released, found clarity and direction, and finally moved forward. Happily, I now live the life I wanted. In summary, she helped transform my life.'


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Designer Makeover

Totally transform spaces in your home with Nina's unique designer makeover day - it's one of her most popular services and for good reason. She provides hands-on help with repurposing your existing furnishings, improves the layout of furniture, the proper display of pictures and ornaments, and advises you on colours, lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments, etc. She even devises a list of what to buy to help you make the most of your home, ensuring you only spend what you need to on the right things.


'Nina had so many simple ideas which made a huge difference. Items already in my house were moved to other areas where they had more impact with no expense involved. She really listened to me and I felt she was the right person to advise me. She is very professional, has great design knowledge and is aware of budget restrictions. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!'


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Personal Shopper

Save precious time and avoid expensive mistakes with expert advice on hand. You can engage Nina for a day shopping with her to find the right fabrics, furnishings, furniture, flooring, fixtures, fittings and finishing touches for your home. With on-the-spot practical advice, only get what you need, spend what you can afford, and select the perfect items to complement your house and finally have your home the way you want it. She will even negotiate on your behalf and help you find the best deals, so you get the most from your budget.


'We heard about Nina through people who highly recommended her. We believe nobody out there is as good as Nina at her job. She knew exactly what we wanted and liked, knows her products and where to find them, and knows what will look right in a space. She gave us fantastic advice, and thanks to her help, guidance and advice we now have a beautiful new home.'


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Staging to Sell

Nina uses her expertise to make practical changes or create a whole new look within your budget to make your property more appealing, leading to a quicker sale or tenancy at the right price. Reap the financial rewards of investing in your place whether selling or leasing out a property, as good presentation is a crucial factor in your success, second only to price and location. She can transform your house or apartment to prepare it for sale creating the best impression to attract the right prospective purchaser or tenant, so you move on in life.


'Nina was totally focused on our need to prepare the house for sale and the first person through the door bought it immediately she viewed it.'


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Create a Workspace

Nina can help you create a study space, home office or consultancy room to inspire and motivate you to aim high and achieve more. If you have taken on a course of study, or planning to work from a home office, or starting up a home-based business, she can help you find the right space and create the ultimate place for you to perform at your highest level; feeling positive, tasking efficiently, thinking clearly, making decisions easily, dealing effortlessly with people, and achieving your goals and objectives. She will give you tips on how to improve your memory, the best times of the day for you to get more done, how to work more efficiently, etc.


‘I am a complimentary therapist working from home. Nina has a good eye and feel for a room, and with a few very simple changes the area became more user-friendly and more pleasant to be in. My clients have commented on how relaxing the room is – all thanks to Nina. A very positive and successful experience.’


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