It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing


For the energies of a house to work positively, not only must the house be set up for good feng shui (including no taboos present), but your own energies must also be suited to those of the house so that the two can align and interact in harmony.

It is important to remember that you cannot just sit back, relax, and expect your life to become wonderful and successful overnight without any effort whatsoever – things just do not work that way!  You must do what you can to avail of, and to maximise, the potential that you can reach in your lifetime.  Below are the headings for some tips on how to change your life for the better, positively influence others and live a richer, more fulfilled life:


Part 1: Creating a Healing Home– Natural Finishes- Less Noise

– De-Cluttering

– Natural Finishes

– Calm Colours

– Less Noise

Part 2: Food & Nutrition– Nutrition is King- Mindful Mealtimes

– Feng Shui Cooking

– Nutrition is King

– Balanced Diet

– Mindful Mealtimes

Part 3: General Well-Being and Self-Development– Meditation- Free Mind- Self-Empowerment

– Regular Exercise

– Meditation

– Restful Sleep

– Free Mind

– Self-Belief

– Self-Empowerment

– Spiritual Advancement

Part 4: The World Outside is Also the World Within– Aspirations- Laws of Nature- Karma

– Reputation

– Aspirations

– Values

– Laws of Nature

– Good Deeds

– Karma

Thank you for reading my blog. In my next blog, read Part 1 on my tips for Creating a Healing Home.