It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing


Your Reputation:

It is so important to be a hard worker but not a busy fool. Have a good work ethic and build a good reputation because you are your own ambassador. You are an ambassador for yourself, your family, your neighbourhood, your region, your country, etc. Pay your way in life too – your debts need to be paid before you depart this world – if possible, of course, but just do not deliberately run up a debt that you know you cannot pay. Nothing in this material world is worth losing your reputation over. Naturally, this does not to apply to anything beyond your control. Success is what you make of yourself and only you can decide who you want to be. And when you do become successful, then pay it forward and let others benefit from your decent actions.

Your Aspirations:

Aim high! Aim for the best outcome, perfection in all that you think, do, and say so that you will always put your best foot forward (you do not have to be perfect, just aspire to it!). If you aim for 50% you may get only half of what you were trying for, but if you aim for 100% you can reach a greater level of return for your efforts.

Your Values:

Set your own values. Decide who you are and how you want to live your life – and be a good example to others so they are positively influenced by you. Show leadership, not power. Always try to be positive in general toward others because positivity breeds positivity. People remember who brought s smile to their day.

The Laws of nature:

Look after Mother Nature (as well as one another) and she will look after you. We all share the same energy as each other, the planet, animals and plants and we all resonate at a similar frequency too, therefore we are One. The more you respect nature the more luck you will have in your life.

Good deeds:

Do good to others as you would like done unto you, that is everything you do has an impact and will come back to you – this is known as action and consequence, cause and effect, like the ripples on a pond. This will help you to build good fortune for you and your family as it can bring you abundance. 


Everything you affect in your lifetime will affect up to 7 generations who will come after you. It is important to build good karma for those coming after you, so this is why it is important to build your good karma and benefit so many in your lineage.

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