It is clear Nina draws her inspiration from positively transforming people’s lives. Her expertise in her field is outstanding, and her ability to provide a vision of what could be and transform it into reality is amazing


Feng shui cooking:

Cook on a feng shui friendly cooker i.e., a gas hob that is situated in a protected position in the right sector facing one of your best directions or specially aligned for maximum benefit. Stir your food gently whilst cooking – no banging the utensils on the side of the pot, as this will disturb the molecules, and this is the energy you will put into your body. Food always tastes better when the cook is relaxed and happy, and takes care to prepare, cook and serve food with love.

Nutrition is king:

The person who does the food shopping and the cooking is the boss in the house so take charge of your nutritional needs by taking charge of your health and in turn your relationships! Food and cooking have a direct impact on your relationships because when we meet another person, we instantaneously assess the immune system to check if they are healthy and their immune system is compatible with our own. This is nature’s way of preventing persons with a similar disease in their family history getting together and the chances of their offspring developing those diseases becomes increased. It is a way to ensure the health and survival of the species.

Balanced diet:

Eat organic food that is within season and grown in a similar climate to that in which you live. That is, eat winter foods that are slow cooked in the wintertime, such as stews made using winter vegetables, and eat summer foods in the summertime, such as salads and cold foods. Maybe this way of eating could even ‘sprout’ (excuse the pun!) a new hobby growing your own organic vegetables and fruit! Choose foods from all the food groups and increase your intake of seeds, nuts, grain, and greenery. Reduce what you eat. You only need to eat as much as you can fit on the palm of your hand, except when the weather is very cold when you need to eat more or when the weather is very hot, and you do not want to eat much or at all.

Mindful mealtimes:

Sit down when you eat, eat slowly over pleasant conversation or music, chew the food as much as possible before swallowing, and take rest after eating to allow comfortable digestion to take place. If you eat a balanced diet and take regular exercise yet you are still putting on weight, then change how you eat. Make sure to chew every mouthful of your food properly and take your time eating your meals. Your food should be liquid by the time you are ready to swallow it. The longer you spend over your meals the linger you will live. Eat properly and you will see the difference over time!