In the first of a series of articles on designing your home for health and harmony, Nina Kati recommends a good spring clean to release old energies and unleash a more positive new you.

Each area of your home is connected to you and your life. Clutter and stagnant, trapped energy prevents you from functioning properly, which makes you feel tired and confused, and which inhibits progress in your life. Cleaning, clearing and cleansing activates each area of your home in a positive way to lift the energies in your home. This allows each area of your being and body to function properly again and new opportunities to come into your life. You will become clear minded, your life will start to move forward, you will feel more energetic, and you will become healthier and more active once again.


  • Clutter
  • Cleaning
  • Clearing
  • Cleansing
  • Crystals
  • Colour


Take a look around your home and plan the de-cluttering process in stages. Clutter should be gradually removed over a period of time. Don’t be too ruthless about what you get rid of. Sometimes items that remind us of who we are and where we came from are part of our identity and could hold positive memories that are important to us. Clutter constitutes:

  • Items of clothing in your wardrobe that you never wear or haven't worn for a long time
  • Out of date food, medications and cosmetics
  • Old newspapers, magazines, leaflets and paperwork
  • Damaged or dirty goods that cannot be rejuvenated
  • Things that are no longer useful to you but might be useful to someone else

Cupboards and shelves that contain a build-up of unused and unwanted goods should be cleared out and this should be done on a regular basis so that the de-cluttering procedure doesn’t become a time-consuming exercise and a tiring process that you dread facing. Ensure you carry out repairs and maintenance as required so that things look right and work correctly. Tackle any outstanding jobs such as letters or telephone calls to clear the clutter in your mind which will help reduce your stress levels too. Ensure there are no obstacles in your home and enough circulation space throughout so that you can go from room to room without undertaking an obstacle course! Before disposing of items, contact charity shops in your local area as they could greatly benefit from your unwanted goods if they are in good condition.


Every home needs a spring clean every year to freshen up the interior. Once you have finished de-cluttering, give your home a thorough cleaning and airing. Use natural products where possible such as salt, white vinegar and lemon juice. Chemical cleaning products are damaging to the environment and to your family. Cleaning stimulates the energies in the home thereby raising the vibration and clearing the old energies away. Remember to take a warm bath or an invigorating shower after you have finished cleaning to clean away the old energies from yourself.


Colour affects the atmosphere and the perceived temperature of a room. For instance, blue is calming but cool, pink is warm and welcoming, and orange is stimulating. Colour can also be energizing or tiring or inspire mental activity and creativity. Bear in mind that dark and light stripes and strongly spotted patterns cause arguments because they are tiring and confuse the brain. Dark ceilings shrink our energy field causing us to feel depressed, and ‘hospital green’ makes us ill. In the next issue, we’ll look at the full spectrum of colours in more detail.


Space clearing can also be a sort of Karmic clearing out – freeing you emotionally, psychologically and spiritually. Hanging on to hurt, anger, grief and fear can be emotionally taxing, physically draining and cause you a lot of stress, whereas letting go of old emotions and ‘mind clutter’ is like getting rid of excess baggage and freeing the soul. Space clearing is not for the sickly or the very elderly. It should only be carried out gradually after de-cluttering and prior to making Feng Shui changes to the home.


Space cleansing concerns purifying the home and invoking good energy and vibrations. Space cleansing can be carried out before moving in to a property, after a serious illness or the death of an occupant in the home, or it can be used for old buildings with bad energy. To carry out this process you should be clean and feeling healthy, happy, positive and strong. You should not do space cleansing whilst pregnant, menstruating or if you have any open wounds. Choose a time when the property is quiet and before dusk so that it is still light outside. Don’t rush the process. Switch off electrical appliances, and remove footwear and jewellery
(particularly watches) to prevent energy interference.

Candles and tea/night lights are a great way to keep the atmosphere of a home ‘cleansed’. They help to stabilise the vibrations and harmony in the home. Never leave burning candles unattended and always burn in or on a suitable container. Position them safely and ensure they are extinguished properly. Space cleansing is like establishing ownership of your property. It is great for making a fresh start in life and helps to bring new opportunities, better luck, happiness and prosperity.


Crystals help to activate and expand energy. They bring the sun into a room, raise the energies and can contribute to a positive atmosphere. It is believed crystals endow occupants with far-sightedness and good perspective. The size of a crystal should be chosen in accordance with the size of the area in which it will be hung. Spherical faceted clear lead crystals are best as their shape allows you to invoke all possibilities to achieve your highest potential. You should limit the number of crystals in your home as too many will cause you to be confused and become dreamy, headachy and less grounded. Healing crystals should not be confused with faceted crystals. Never hang a crystal that has been damaged and never hang one in a window with an ugly view or where a window is overlooked by something threatening (such as a building or a sharp corner). Anything that can distort the energy will produce unwanted results. The area should be cleared of any clutter and the window should be sparkling clean. Wash crystals prior to hanging them and every month to cleanse and energise them. They should be hung in the upper portion of a window, about a third of the way down and a little away from the glass. Hang them from a length of silver, clear or red thread. Your home should be comfortable, convenient and meet your needs. There is no point in constantly working for your home because it isn’t functioning well – your home should be working for you. If not, you won't function properly and your life won't run smoothly. Once clutter has been cleared away, let go of it - don't rush out and replace it all! Remember the golden rule: ‘less is more’.

Nina Kati is an interior designer, feng shui consultant and tutor. She specialises in combining feng shui with interior design to create balance and harmony. Nina trained under a Chinese master to learn authentic feng shui, which concerns the relationship between our homes and us, and is about matching people to their homes and workspaces. In 2009, she won the Businesswoman of the Year Award (South Tipperary). This year she celebrates 10 years in business.

Nina believes the home is a personal sanctuary in which to rest and rejuvenate - a healing place for mind, body and spirit. Her interior design and feng shui services range from an hour’s advice to one day services and from small schemes to full projects. She also runs interior design and feng shui workshops. Visit
www.workingwonders.ie or contact T: 051 646 273,  M: 086 812 6730