Furniture is an investment so select items carefully, choosing a style you will love for years to come and buy the best quality you can afford.  The better the quality, the more the piece could become a potential heirloom. Think ahead as much as possible. Will the item be large enough to still provide adequate storage for when you have accumulated even more stuff in years to come? Will the item date quickly or is it a style that could fit into a new scheme as trends change? Could the item be painted should the finish become worn, scratched, or tarnished over the years?

As with any purchase, it is important to set a realistic budget and then stick to it as much as possible. Avoid buying something that is so expensive you will feel guilty about it for the rest of your days and then be unable to part with it even if it may have long outworn its purpose.

Equally important is to resist the temptation to buy something that you have fallen madly in love with but does not suit the style of your home, the purpose for which it was intended or the size of the room it was meant for.  You may well find it challenging trying to get rid of it and then starting again.

If you want a luxury look, the piece or pieces do not have to have gold touches or be oversized or very ornate. Simple, understated, elegant furniture can have as much impact than a showy piece. It is how you position it in a room and what you place on it that  will give it the appearance of a far more costly purchase. Remember too that it is not always about spending a fortune. Sometimes a simple upgrade such as changing the colour or stain, handles and hinges, trim or edging, upholstery or legs can completely change the look of an item of furniture. If you are considering changing the colour, it may be worth contacting a professional joiner who can use an industrial paint sprayer to give the piece a perfect factory finish. This is done over a period of time using several very thin layers of paint sprayed on in a controlled environment to prevent dust particles spoiling the finish with each layer being given time to dry and harden. You can choose how much or how little shine you want, from a matt finish to eggshell, satin, gloss, or a high gloss mirror-like finish. A matt finish creates a less formal look, and gloss would be a high maintenance finish and a more demanding look in a room – the rest of the room will need to match up in terms of style.

As well as making a style statement and complementing your home, furniture should be affordable, meet your needs and outlast the latest trends.

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