With your happiness, health, relationships, success and prosperity at the heart of her conscious design ethos, Nina identifies areas of optimum improvement leading to powerful positive transformation. Her work is based on balancing, correcting and elevating your energies and matching them with the energies of the spaces that you live and work in to create that special harmonised connection of oneness, reduce stress and optimise health, improve relationships and support, and maximise opportunities and finances, so you can reach your highest potential, live your best life and succeed at work or in business. See her services outlined below.

‘Nina did such a super job on our bathroom when we decided to redecorate our living room we just could not go ahead without her expertise, and on both projects we were more than pleased. She gave us two rooms beyond our wildest dreams – superb! Later on she transformed our drab dark kitchen beyond our imagination - it's all and more than we could ask for!’



Your home is the mansion of your soul, your 'outer skin', and a well-designed interior reflects who you are as a person. Nina comes up with cool ideas, clever concepts and ideal solutions. She selects harmonious colours, works with what you already have by repurposing where appropriate, and proposes designs that complement you and your family's tastes, needs and lifestyle. She can transform your interior with flair and imagination to create the right mood and effect.

‘Everything Nina has suggested for my home is truly amazing. She gave my sitting room and bedroom a whole new dateless update. She saved me so much time and money and looking around, listened to my suggestions, took my lifestyle into account and didn’t impose her ideas. She spends so much time putting a scheme together. She is definitely the best and I would highly recommend her.'



Review your home, reclaim your space and renew your energy with a service dedicated to de-cluttering your mind, emotions and home. Nina will help you clear away clutter, de-junk and re-organise your home without being ruthless and will totally tailor the service for you. She can advise on storage to best suit your needs,ideas to improve your place, colours and organising solutions and help bring back balance to your home and life.

'Tired of being in a rut, smothered by my personal junk and possessions, exhausted from trying to find the right remedy for me, I finally found my answer: Nina. In one day, she waded through my house, knee deep in both personal and material clutter, and identified what needed to be stripped away, disposed of, appreciated or highlighted - and all in a very tactful and kind manner. I felt released, found clarity and direction, and finally moved forward. Happily, I now live the life I wanted. In summary, she helped transform my life.'



Totally transform spaces in your home with Nina's unique designer makeover - it's one of her most popular services and for good reason. She provides hands-on help with repurposing your existing furnishings, improves the layout of furniture, the proper display of pictures and ornaments, and advises you on colours, lighting, soft furnishings, window treatments, etc. She even devises a list of what to buy, ensuring you only spend what you need on the right things to make the most of your home.

'Nina had so many simple ideas which made a huge difference. Items already in my house were moved to other areas where they had more impact with no expense involved. She really listened to me and I felt she was the right person to advise me. She is very professional, has great design knowledge and is aware of budget restrictions. I would recommend her in a heartbeat!'



Nina uses her expertise to make practical changes or create a whole new look within your budget to make your property more appealing, leading to a quicker sale or tenancy at the right price. Reap the financial rewards of investing in your place. Good presentation is a crucial factor in your success, second only to price and location. She can transform your house or apartment creating the best impression to attract the right prospective purchaser or tenant, so you can move forward.

'Nina was totally focused on our need to prepare the house for sale and the first person through the door bought it immediately she viewed it.'



Nina can help you create or optimise a space for study, a home office or a consultancy room. The right space will inspire and motivate you to aim high, perform at your best, feel positive, task efficiently, think clearly, make decisions easily, and achieve your goals and objectives. She will give you tips on improving your memory and your best times of day to get more done. She will also ensure your desk is in a power position facing your best direction according to your personal energies.

‘I am a complimentary therapist working from home. Nina has a good eye and feel for a room, and with a few very simple changes the area became more user-friendly and more pleasant to be in. My clients have commented on how relaxing the room is – all thanks to Nina. A very positive and successful experience.’



Save precious time and avoid expensive mistakes on a shopping trip with Nina. She can help you find the right fabrics, furnishings, furniture, flooring, fittings and finishing touches for your home. With on-the-spot practical advice, only get what you need, spend what you can afford, and select the perfect items to complement your home and finally have it the way you want it. She will even negotiate on your behalf and help you find the best deals, so you get the most from your budget.

'We heard about Nina through people who highly recommended her. We believe nobody out there is as good as Nina at her job. She knew exactly what we wanted and liked, knows her products and where to find them, and knows what will look right in a space. She gave us fantastic advice, and thanks to her help, guidance and advice we now have a beautiful new home.'



Make the most of your outdoor space with a new design, review your draft plan, or adapt your existing garden to a beautiful, relaxing and contemplative place with Nina’s help. She can see its potential and help you create a feeling of tranquility and intrigue. She advises on layout and either accompanies you to buy plants or can procure them on your behalf, and ensures your feng shui inspired garden will give you much pleasure and many fond memories for years to come.

’I wanted to improve the relaxation of my garden by introducing feng shui for meditation purposes. Nina helped me select suitable plants as well as give me design advice. Nina is extremely knowledgeable in her field, easy to work with and wonderfully patient. She takes great care to ensure everything is perfect for her clients with whom she relates well and has a marvellous sense of design and dedication. Everything was done in a planned way professionally at each stage.’



 Choosing a property or site is a big decision - possibly a lifetime investment. With Nina's pre-buy check you get peace of mind knowing it's the best place for you and your family. She can assess it's potential or a shortlist of several potentials, and will let you know the suitability of each one according to you and your family's personal energies, whilst suggesting the best alterations, reconfiguration, or in the case of a new house it's position and orientation to ensure all will go well for you.

'I feel things are going to turn around in a positive way - Nina is probably one of, or even the most important investments I've made in all the years I have been on this earth.'



You only get one chance to get it 100% right. Consult Nina from the outset to carry out a design audit and feng shui assessment of your plans to extend, reconfigure or build. She advises on orientation, best energies, healthier flow, room layouts, furniture placement, and functionality - all based on your family's energies, an analysis of the site, and other critical data. She can work with your architect and be involved from pre-construction to moving in.

Directly after accompanying you to your site, Nina reviews your architectural drawings with you. Depending on the scope of the project you can meet with her as many times as you need. She ensures spaces function properly according to their purpose, devises concepts to suit your tastes, suggests improvements to the exterior, ideas for furnishings and lighting, and colour schemes. You can ask her to approve samples, assist with bespoke designs, or help finalise decisions on finishes.

'I was impressed when I saw Nina on RTE’s ‘Show House’ programme so I called her. Our new build project was stalling due to indecision, and her guidance was a great help at a point when we were struggling. She provided a well thought out comprehensive service suited to our taste, aspirations and budget. I appreciated this informed advice and guidance. Her calm and efficient personality was also a joy.'



If you are considering making changes to the layout of your home, it is prudent to engage an expert in spatial design to assist you with achieving the best outcome. Nina creates personalised interiors based on what you want to achieve based on practicality, space and budget. She optimises energies, maximises spaces, removes hassle and saves you time and money, whilst creating the perfect fit for your aesthetic, sensitivities, needs, lifestyle and work. 

‘We had plans drawn up for an extension which we showed to Nina who pointed out changes to the design and, looking back, we are so glad we implemented those changes – she understood our needs more than anyone we had spoken to before and was able to transfer our ideas onto paper, from the layout of rooms which made the flow very easy, to giving us great advice including where to source goods.’



Unlock the power of your potential, enhance your self-awareness and boost your self-confidence. Nina can help you become happier, healthier and wealthier by focussing on your wellness, welfare and well-being. She empowers you with incredibly accurate information about yourself and gives you positive constructive advice to inspire and motivate you, so you can let go of the past to focus on the future. Learn about significant others in your life, best ways to detox and oxygenate and hydrate your body, better sleep, improved organ function, exercises for posture, and improving mental clarity and memorisation. 

Nina starts with a unique authentic feng shui analysis of your personal energies. Regardless of not knowing you or having met you before, the details are likely to astound you. You will learn what suits you career wise, how you think and act, the way you communicate, when your energies are at their best or lowest, interacting and relating to others, your weakest organ and health, diet and nutrition best suited to you, a detailed timing forecast, and how to increase your luck and abundance.

'The process was quite personalised, and after the consultation I gradually began to feel as though things were working for me rather than against me. My life literally took off in a new direction, i.e. health, relationships, work, and in my case some of the important things Nina said would happen actually happened!'



Depending on your circumstances, Nina does her utmost to achieve positive outcomes that can leap you forward by up to 70%. She is mindful of your situation, explains everything plainly and deals empathetically with issues including despair, loss, divorce, bankruptcy, illness and starting a family. She takes a practical client-centric approach and works within the scope of what you have to achieve what is reachable using energy-matching, timing, correctives and adjustments.

As a priority she focusses on health which is your wealth, next your relationships for harmony and support, then finances, greater opportunities and luck. After consideration she suggests a prioritised action plan, mostly a simple and doable list of easy-to-implement solutions. After implementing these recommendations you will be more energised, spaces are harmonised, and you will become happier and healthier leading to a better quality, stress-free, more positive productive life. 

'We have had a number of unfortunate, unlucky events occur in our lives since moving to our home, so we called in Nina who gave us direction as to how to correct the energy in the house. We had complete confidence in her, and things began to change for the better'



Nina works with businesses with the aim of increasing staff morale, productivity and efficiency leading to a rise in revenue, greater harmony and better relationships. There is a reduction in anxiety, stress and sick leave, a boost in motivation, happier teams, easier to attract talent, staff retention improves, and the workplace is healthier and energised - all of which contributes to external reputation and your bottom line. The positive results are tangible and there are invaluable outcomes.

'I genuinely feel I have received my investment back beyond measure. Investing in Nina saves your resources on multiple levels. She spent time guiding me to make clever choices and I would highly recommend her to anyone.'

 Sick Building Syndrome (caused by poor air quality, acoustics, environmental toxins, lack of natural light, etc) contributes to an unhealthy workplace and stressed workforce. Nina identifies issues and uses simple methods to reduce the causes of allergens and contaminants that off-gas or leach, introduces natural elements and hygiene routines to combat microbes, specs agents that won't harm your family or staff, and deals with issues concerning viruses, dust and mould. She checks the energies of the building and the workforce and makes improvements to furniture layouts, colours, etc.

'The hours passed by very quickly during the consultation, which was informal making it very comfortable and open. Nina brings a fresh mindset and ideas. She is energetic, kind, caring and a talented feng shui consultant who does her utmost to obtain results.'



Nina's unique perspective results in the creation of amazing homes where the emphasis is on relaxation and rejuvenation. For full project co-ordination and management she can acquire costings and negotiate prices on your behalf, manage your budget, draw up job briefs for tradespeople, produce specifications for goods and materials, supervise and snag the work of sub-contractors, shop for your project, co-ordinate deliveries, and style your spaces for a first class finish.

‘Nina dealt with all aspects of the project and her experience was invaluable as she knew all the pitfalls. She made improved design changes to the structure of the house, prepared all specifications, redesigned the layout of rooms, positioned lighting, and sourced all interior furnishings, fixtures, fittings, flooring and window treatments throughout.'




'When I visited her show house I was impressed by Nina’s designs, and I thought if she can do the same amazing job for me by fitting out my house to a similar standard, then I would be more than pleased. She ensured work was carried out to the highest standards and to specification, and she sourced everything making sure the best prices were achieved.’


Services can be combined and are customised to uniquely suit you. Call Nina 086 812 6730


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