Feng Shui Horoscopes: Part 1 – Introduction

April 29, 2016
Feng Shui Horoscopes: Part 2 – Your Magic Number
May 13, 2016
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Feng Shui Horoscopes: Part 1 – Introduction

Feng Shui Horoscopes: Part 1 – Introduction

When we are born, we are given a unique personal identity by Mother Nature. Our date of birth gives us certain information about ourselves and our loved ones, and we can make use of this information to help us to live well and better manage our health, well-being, and relationships – throughout our lives. Your date of birth can even tell you:

  • The best location for you to live in for your energy type
  • The seasons that are best suited to you
  • Who you get along with and why
  • Who you can’t see eye to eye with and why
  • Why you can’t seem to ‘click’ with your home
  • When to be dynamic and make the most of opportunities
  • When to lie low and not take risks especially with money
  • When your energies are at their lowest ebb and affecting your health

Here are some examples of why it is important to know your feng shui horoscope. If you are a fire person, then it makes no sense for you to live next to water or you will be constantly exhausted. If you are a wood person, then you will be tired during springtime. If you are a water person then you will not get along well with an earth person. If you are an east group person then you will not click with a west group house. If you are a metal person then a fire year won’t suit you. If your bedroom is in the west sector and those energies are afflicted this year, then your health and relationships will come under strain this year.

Part 1 – Introduction

Part 2 – Your Magic Number

Part 3 – Your Personality and Characteristics

Part 4 – The Way You Interact with Others

Part 5 – How You Communicate with People

Part 6 – Your Health and Your Weakest Organ

Part 7 – Your Best Directions and Your Worst Directions

Next week, my latest weekly blog on Feng Shui Horoscopes continues with Part 2 –Your Magic Number.

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