The DFS Interior Designer’s Brief is to:

 Provide lots of ideas

 Include the latest trends in interior design and furnishings in the design

Create a design that engages visitors

 Create a design that inspires visitors to recreate the look in their own homes

 Ensure the design is fit for purpose, functional and practical

 Create an amazing flexible living environment

Create multi-functional living spaces for the way we live today

 Ensure the design meets the needs of a modern family

 Ensure the design considers what different people want from their home

 Create a space to relax and unwind, feel balance and at peace, and allows for quiet concentration

Create a bright and colourful room that inspires creativity

 Choose the colour schemes

 Select DFS bedroom, dining, living and outdoor furniture

 Consider that visitors will walk through the show house and step onto the DFS stand (140 sm²)

Create 6 different inspirational room sets featuring DFS furniture and accessories

1. How I Would Create the ‘Harmonious Living’ Show House

The show house has been designed along feng shui principles because balance and harmony are the key components of feng shui, and it has been designed with colour and colour psychology in mind. The proposed concepts are designed to create stunning rooms where the furniture takes centre stage against a simple backdrop. The pivotal colour used in the design is foxglove, a purple-pink. Feng shui is about energy and the different types of energy are earth, wood, fire, water and metal – all of which have been included in the proposed design. In compliance with good feng shui the design uses sinuous shapes and soft curves to encourage the flow of good energy, creating an harmonious home which enhances well-being, health, harmony and happiness.

The show house will inspire visitors to appreciate their natural heritage and to encourage living in harmony with our surroundings. Natural elements appear throughout the house - wood shingles and three-dimensional wood panelling, pebble and mother of pearl tiles, cork flooring and reconstituted stone worktops, petrified wood surfaces and natural crystals, wool rugs and silk curtains, room-height large leaf plants, etc. The architectural design of the house will be a unique feng shui design that includes a seamless integration of the indoors and the outdoors where, for instance, interior flooring in the living area matches the material outside beyond a wall of glass to give the visual illusion of the indoor and outdoor spaces being as one – as we are with nature. A couple of large statement plants strategically placed within the interior will draw nature in, which is in vogue with the return of botanical influences on interiors.

This is a show home that will inspire visitors to admire and respect all things cultural – art, sculpture, literature, music, fine wines and poetry. Beautiful pieces of art and sculpture, a library housing books, a creative space with a piano, and lines from famous Irish poets subtly scripted on walls in personal spaces. And it is all about subtle suggestion rather than the obvious and the magic that inspire us to learn, achieve, be creative, become fulfilled and live a happier life.

Flexible living is so important today for many reasons; space is at a premium and many of us now work or study at home on a regular basis. Therefore, the library will double up for this use, providing a welcome escape from the lively hub of the home – the living space.

It is also a home where the interior has been designed with personal development and spiritual growth in mind. Our home is our outer skin, our personal sanctuary in which to rest and rejuvenate, and should offer us a space where we can contemplate and meditate, regain our balance and restore our peace. © NINA KATI INTERIOR DESIGN FENG SHUI 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This year’s show home will offer visitors the chance to see how colour can lift our spirits and set our creativity in motion. Stunning pops of jewel-like colours appear throughout the show house – such as foxglove, bumblebee and sapphire – against a simple, quiet backdrop that is calm, ordered and clutter-free, with harmonious, balanced colour schemes that create a stress-free environment allowing relaxation and enjoyment of a beautiful home. A bold, bright, colourful room that inspires creativity is also included in the design and will showcase another opulent sofa in the DFS range.

Flooring will be practical and hardwearing where required, and chosen with sustainability in mind. Rugs will feature throughout the show house to provide texture, colour and pattern, as well as for better comfort and acoustics. Lighting and crystal light fittings will be an integral part of the interior schemes and will add a 3 dimensional quality to the home, from feature lights to mood lighting, creating atmosphere and ambience. Technology will also feature in order to keep visitors abreast of the latest developments and conveniences. Window treatments will be sumptuous and simple; full length sleek curtaining, neat blinds and semi-transparent voiles. Feng shui is about the welcome home, and about our senses. The lead up to the front door (painted foxglove) could include a path of highly scented plants such as ‘mock orange’ that release an overwhelming aroma of orange blossom, and window boxes thickly planted with lavender. Both scents promote feelings of calm and tranquillity.

The hall must be a bright hall for feng shui reasons and can then be decorated in a rich deep palette of indigo sharpened up with a bold yellow accent, and could incorporate the word for harmony in Chinese lettering within the design so this is seen on entering the ‘happy home’.

The design of the interior is practical and functional, aesthetically pleasing and balanced. Flexibility is a key factor in our lifestyles today and our homes should reflect this. The design would incorporate an open plan kitchen dining living area that integrates easily with the exterior. The kitchen will feature a ‘feng shui’ friendly hob, and especially designed for the harmony of the household. The tap on the sink will electronically recess into the work surface at the push of a button and appliances will be integrated to give a slick look to the room. An island unit and plenty of storage will be included in the design. Dining will take place at a round or oval table and a very simple Oriental style table setting will feature.

Living areas flow easily into each other and yet are clearly defined – partial divisions between spaces helps to create a sense of intrigue and interest, allowing light to pass through yet providing clever screening. These include a vertical aquarium and a ‘wine wall’, a vault housing wines from all over the globe. Fireplaces will be installed in several places including the dining section (at table top height so as to be appreciated when seated), a uniquely designed round fireplace in the sitting room, one in the library and a wall mounted gel fire in the winter garden.

In bedrooms, soft furnishings and bedlinen will be fresh and crisply layered, and will include luxurious silk sheets for a healthy night’s sleep and because we deserve that special treat when we fall into bed after a hard day. All beds will be either fully upholstered frames or at least have upholstered headboards and there will be plenty of storage in each bedroom. Bathrooms will contain showers only (due to water charges the sunken spa will provide bathing facilities) and the design of the toilets will get special attention!

For anyone, the design of their dream home will spring to mind as they discover the winter garden which is a protected outdoor space or room, providing an entertainment area to show case the DFS range of outdoor furniture and designed to house a sunken spa (people are very interested in health and wellness), a BBQ and bar (many are entertaining at home), an outdoor fire, and a herb garden for those with a culinary interest. The raised beds will contain plants with purple-pink and indigo coloured flowers, and perhaps even a fernery. Cobbles and decorative pebbles in muted tones could provide interest and texture, and help to keep it a low maintenance garden.

On the upper level, an amazing circular roof window forms a stunning ceiling feature and allows for the viewing of the night sky. Lounging back in the DFS Focal chair affords a spectacular view of the moon and stars. This will simultaneously light up the hall below in order to achieve the desired ‘bright hall’. A gorgeously decorative piece such as a Chinese cabinet for housing linens could sit happily with the contemporary design of the Focal chair and complete the eye catching scheme in this area. © NINA KATI INTERIOR DESIGN FENG SHUI 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The use of feng shui for balance and harmony, natural materials and calm colour schemes, spaces set aside for quiet reflection and creative activity, all make for a very special connection between ourselves and nature, the convenience of modern technology and the need for spiritual advancement, remaining true to our natural instincts and achieving perfect balance with the demands of modern lifestyle today.

2. How I would Incorporate DFS Furniture and Accessories

The show house design uses DFS furniture and accessories in all of the rooms (the majority has already been selected from the web site), and the furniture choices for the 6 room sets are shown on the attached concept boards. The 6 room sets were designed with the following themes in mind:

1. Funky Minimalist – young, trendy and cool

2. Cosy Corner – comfortable, informal and relaxed

3. Suite Indulgence – solid, structured and sumptuous

4. Family Friendly – practical, casual and welcoming

5. Serene Simplicity – calm, balanced and restful

6. Vintage Weathered – chic, antiqued and elegant

These themes take into account the different types of people and age ranges who might choose DFS furniture for their home and also different room sizes and various types of homes, from larger open plan spaces to compact apartment living, and urban developments to country homes. The designs also take into account the Irish climate and as this is the autumn show, the colour palette is autumnal but with bright accents to lift the mood and the schemes will be pulled together using scatter cushions and rugs.

3. The Connection between the Show House and the DFS Exhibition Stand

To connect the show house with the DFS exhibition stand, the design of the stand will use foxglove as the framing colour and visitors will walk through a moon gate to pass from the show house to the stand.

4. Why DFS Should Select My Company for this Project

I am a nationally recognised interior design and authentic Chinese feng shui expert, and I am Ireland’s leading authentic feng shui interior design consultant. Delivering a positive outcome is at the heart of everything I do.

I combine feng shui and interior design principles to create beautiful, balanced, harmonious homes and businesses that reflect my clients’ tastes and needs. It is this unique integration that gives me a leading edge in the world of Irish interior design today. My refreshing, unique, sophisticated designs have been featured on television, in newspapers and in magazines. The public’s interest in feng shui and harmonious living is so great that the programme I appeared in earlier this year broke all viewership records.

I am the only authentic feng shui consultant, authentic feng shui designer and authentic feng shui tutor in this country. I also have one of the best public relations profiles for a design professional in Ireland. I have won awards for professionalism in business and for excellence in business, and my feng shui and interior design work has even contributed to the award winning success of others. Competitors frequently copy aspects of my business and my work.

My unique authentic feng shui core services are consultancy, design, design management and design education. My uniqueness sets me apart from everyone else in Ireland, as well as my competitors in business, and is the reason I am still in business today after 15 years, despite the downturn. It is also the reason why I have one of the best public relations profiles and why I became, and remain, successful is my Chinese master training in authentic feng shui.

I operate as a colour consultant, feng shui consultant, stylist, designer, specialist designer, interior architect, project manager, expert shopper, professional organiser and tutor. My services are 8 times more comprehensive in quality, value and expertise than my competitors, cover a wide geographical area and target a broad market. © NINA KATI INTERIOR DESIGN FENG SHUI 2015 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Show House Room Concepts

Entrance Harmony

Hall and Guest Cloakroom Abundance and Prosperity

Kitchen and Utility Happy, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Dining Good God, Good Grub, Let’s Eat!

Living Feel a Smile in Your Heart

Library/Office/Den Live an Extraordinary Life

Stairs and Star-Gazing Landing Here to Shine

Home Theatre Here and Now

Entertainment Lounge Life and Soul

Relaxation & Contemplation Space Positive Thoughts, Good Intentions

Winter Garden Haven of Calm and Tranquillity

Master Suite Fortunate Blessings from Above

(Bedroom, En-Suite, His and Hers Walk-In Robe)

Guest Bedroom Peace and Harmony

Teen Girl’s Bedroom Born Lucky

Shower Room and WC

Path Linking Show House to DFS Stand

6 Room Sets for DFS Furniture Displays