Current & Emerging Trends for a New Look

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Current & Emerging Trends for a New Look

Do you feel as though your interior could do with a quick makeover to bring it bang up to date in a simple yet effective and inexpensive way? Here are some tips and information about the current and emerging interior trends from Nina (Nina Kati Interior Design Feng Shui) to help you decide the look you are after and achieve a modern look for little effort and minimal cost…

1960’s Inspired Retro/Scandinavian (‘Nostalgic’)

As our lives become busier and more stressful, crowded and complicated we are harking back to the days when life seemed more simple and straight forward. The 60’s were fun and funky, cool and neat. That’s why 60’s Retro and Scandinavian style is evident everywhere now. Furniture is lower, more neatly made and off the floor, creating a more spacious look. Reproductions of light fittings and fabric patterns of the era are readily available. This was a fun-filled era when bright orange was a popular accent colour, and new lines and shapes appeared in the designs of the day.

Moroccan Style (‘Ethnic’)

Moroccan style is easy to spot – sumptuous hanging lanterns add an Eastern touch, rich jewel colours, copper and black and gold metals, heavily embossed and bejewelled fabrics, and so on. This is a wonderful style because it is so forgiving – you can put everything and anything with it or just include a few elements in your interior to create the look. It is also a great style to give your home that certain vibe that adds atmosphere and intrigue. For small spaces it is a particularly useful style to fall back on because a rich sumptuous interior relies on deep colours, richly textured fabrics and heavy embellishment – all of which distracts the eye from the lack of space in a room.

Bold Statement (‘Individualism’)

To give an interior the wow factor, choose bright colours, select bold patterns and pick unique statement pieces. The trick is not to overdo it – less is more. Repetitive geometric patterns and strong jewel colours on a bright white background is where it’s at (the typical lantern pattern repeat on fabrics and accessories is an obvious choice). This is a great way to make a statement and to add style to an interior in a contemporary way. You can mix several jewel colours together such as emerald, sapphire and magenta with curtains, rugs and accessories so as long as they are all similarly patterned and then stick to quiet soft neutral colours in the background for the rest of the interior, such as white, beige or mocha. Just use your imagination to create an imaginative style all your own.

Minimalist Urban Chic (‘Industrial’)

This look is all about the industrial or urban look that creates a sort of Parisian chic café style. Black is a dominant colour and metals such as copper, brass and iron feature strongly. Everything is simple and basic so that even the light fittings are rather ‘naked’ in appearance. Minimalism crossed with a hard yet simple pared-back style comes to mind. This is a great look for guys and for families because the interiors appear more hard-wearing. Works well too mixed with a chic and sophisticated interior to bring it down a notch so that it is less serious and to add a more informal, easy-going look to the scheme.
Architect Dimitar Karanikolov (Meshroom) and interior designer Veneta Niklova

Botanicals (‘Naturalism’)

Large leaf patterns, tropical plants and bold floral designs are all the rage. Huge leaves in bright Kelly green on a plain background, tropical colourful flowers and jungle patterns can add a natural look to any interior. Use them in small quantities in cushions and accessories or full length curtains to add a bold style statement to a simple natural interior. This is a very attractive style because it lends itself well to apartments where a garden is not present and where you want to bring the outdoors in. It also looks amazing with large areas of dark wood flooring as it fits in so well with this natural element and makes a real feature of it.

Global Traveller (‘Worldly’)

Designs that contain maps of Europe, the world atlas, postage franks and marks, luggage tags, stamps, and the library look (or a combination of this type of content and may also include birds, butterflies and dragon flies). These designs are often printed onto natural fabrics like cotton, linen or canvas – some of which may be made to look like it has been re-purposed (for example from old army tents and worn denim). It’s all about the days of luggage trunks and the look of the safari trail, long haul travel, globe-trotting, and long distance parcel postage. Great for adding an interesting look in almost any room, but particularly well suited to a hall, study or library where the room is small as it affords you the opportunity to add plenty of visual interest to a small space without fear of overwhelming it.

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