Nina had worked her magic on the hotel room in which the presentation was made and immediately we all felt connected with one another and our surrounding environment. If Nina can do this in a basic hotel room think what she could do in your space

Pat (Co Wicklow)

Success Audit – Premises/Shop (In Person & Virtual)

Discover the power of positivity, harmony and good energy for your brand, and maximise the potential of your premises or online shop whilst meeting consumer demands for products and environments that positively contribute to their personal and their family’s health and wellbeing.

Having worked with many retailers over the years, I also gained direct work experience in a retail premises in 2017/18, which not only furthered my professional development by undertaking one of my biggest transformation projects to date, but I also gained key industry insights in the process. My commission involved transforming a long-established furniture retailer’s premises by creating inspirational room sets, refreshing their brand and tackling their extensive stock. The owner was so pleased as the project was developing, she offered me a part-time consultancy role (secondary to my business) as their in-store designer, brand ambassador and buyer travelling to European shows to select new furniture ranges for their next season’s collections.

For a store premises or online shop to work effectively and compete in today’s ever-changing, highly competitive and economically challenging environment, everything must be on point so why not take a fresh approach and view things from a different angle? To gain a unique leading edge, it is pertinent to consider the basis for everything: energy. By taking account of the energies of your public and staff spaces, whilst reviewing the positivity your brand conveys, you can transform your business.

Consumers are not only more design savvy and aesthetically aware, but they are also more attuned to positivity and to the energy of their surroundings. They want to live and work in and visit happier, healthier and more positive, energised and harmonised environments because they understand the impact this has on their own wellbeing and on the world around them. They want to support businesses that have a positive ethos, brand and message. They want goods that contribute to their personal and their family’s happiness, health and wellbeing. They want to see businesses take their social and environmental responsibilities seriously. In short, they want to feel your business can create positivity for them in their lives and the lives of others.

Authentic feng shui can be positively transformational for the energies and positivity of your business, your premises or online shop, your brand and your products. This is a next-level holistic approach that your consumers can value and appreciate, with their seal of approval reflected by their loyalty to your brand.

Nina is extremely knowledgeable in her field, easy to work with and wonderfully patient. She takes great care to ensure everything is perfect, planned, and has a marvellous sense of design and dedication

Brendan McG (Co Wicklow)

Summary of Success Audit – Premises/Shop Process

  • Positivity create positive welcoming impressions, appealing visual experiences and emotional connections
  • Harmonise customer expectations with brand vision using authentic feng shui energy alignment
  • Energise good energies and remove or minimise unlucky, misaligned and negative energies
  • Maximise business potential via products, packaging, premises, staff, story, experiences and journey
  • Success transform your premises or shop and benefit your business with a fresh approach and new angle

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