Nina has a hands-on approach and is friendly, approachable, reliable, professional, and handled everything in an inclusive way. She was also always available on the phone if needed to discuss any issues

Ita Horan, CEO, Local Enterprise Office (Co Tipperary)

Team Harmony (In Person & Virtual)

Discover your staff’s unique potential and learn how each staff member can be more positive, interact better and communicate more effectively to enhance their relationships, productivity and prospects at work. The results can reduce staff turnover, improve customer relations and raise revenue – all of which creates a positive corporate reputation, attracts talent and enhances a brand’s image.

When your staff learn about the way they function as human beings and how to better manage their personal energies and their emotional and physical wellbeing, they can feel more empowered and more positive. They learn about how to reduce stress in their lives, cope better and rebound faster.

This service is about building an energy profile and conducting an energy assessment from that data for each of your staff members so they can understand their unique energies, how they communicate with and relate to others, best times for greatest productivity, what best suits them best and how to be more positive. This is a highly effective, interactive and fun way for your staff to gain incredibly accurate valuable insights into how to make more of themselves as people and as employees and build better coping strategies.

The way staff interact with one another is governed mainly by each staff member’s personal element which is the type of energy they are born with. This is something bestowed on us by Mother Nature at birth and cannot be swapped or undone (although this can be affected by the energy of our living spaces) and does not change over time. There are five elements: water, wood, fire, earth and metal and their interaction can govern how well or badly we get along with another person.

If a person’s element is overwhelmed and exhausted by another person’s element, then they are unlikely to get along well with that person because this is considered a destructive situation. Your staff learn how to make the best of this challenging situation. If a person’s element is uplifted and enhanced by another person’s element, then they are more likely to get along with them and this situation is considered a supportive one. In this way, staff energies can be determined by their birthdate and then they can learn how to become empowered by using this unique and accurate information in a positive way.

As human beings we spend around 96% of our time communicating. Communication is a learned skill, and as such we need to learn how to communicate effectively. There are two language styles when it comes to communication, and all people belong to either one of these two language styles but not both. There is no inequality here just two opposite language styles.

When a person is communicating using one language style with a person using the opposite language style then the message between the sender and the recipient becomes garbled, and neither has fully understood the other. Whereas a person communicating with another person using the same language style has no issue with understanding what they have said, and they can share humour, ideas and information more easily with each other.

Opposite language styles lead to miscommunication of information, misunderstandings or lack of comprehension, and discord between people. Although we cannot change which language style we belong to, it is possible to learn how to communicate more effectively across both language styles.

Good communication means better interaction, which builds rapport and this leads to  trust, and trust is the basis for all good relationships, whether it is a personal or a business relationship. Good relationships mean happier staff and a happier workforce creates a positive working environment leading to greater productivity. People are your greatest asset, and a healthier workforce is the backbone to a healthier business.

Nina was so helpful with lots of information and advice. Very professional service and I could not recommend her services highly enough. I will definitely be consulting with her again

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Summary of Team Harmony Process

  • Personality discover each of your staffs’ personality, best traits and true potential
  • Relationships learn what makes you all shine and how to work in a more compatible way together
  • Power know when you are all at your best and how to communicate more positively with each other
  • Health find out how your staff can better manage their health and its impact on their emotional wellbeing
  • Luck reveal each of your staffs’ magic numbers and see if it can change their personal destiny
  • Wealth use each of your staffs’ best timing to maximise opportunities and for each to succeed at work

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