The hours passed by very quickly during the consultation, which was informal making it very comfortable and open. Nina brings a fresh mindset and ideas. She is energetic, kind, caring and a talented feng shui consultant who does her utmost to obtain results

Paula K (Co Westmeath)

Team Transformation (In Person & Virtual)

Transform your staff’s potential including how to optimise your staff’s personal energies, build team positivity and group harmony, and create a positively influenced working environment that can benefit your business from greater productivity to higher revenue.

To positively influence people is to empower them with information that inspires and motivates them in conjunction with teaching them about good timing and the power of positivity, as well as creating a great working environment for them to perform at their best – leading to a total transformation in your business.

I work with businesses with the aim of increasing staff morale leading to more productivity and efficiency, which in turn leads to greater team harmony, better customer relations and a rise in revenue. Tangible benefits include a reduction in anxiety, stress and sick leave, a boost in motivation and teamwork, you are more likely to attract talent, staff retention improves, and the workplace is healthier and more energised – all of which positively contributes to external reputation and your bottom line. The results are positively transformational for your business as well as your team.

Good communication and interaction can create harmony and positivity – necessary for a team to perform at their best. By prioritising staff wellbeing, health and welfare, they will respect, appreciate and value you as their employer because they feel respected, appreciated and valued. In turn, staff communicate and interact better with one another, enjoy their work more, are loyal to their employer and perform at their best.

First it is important each staff member learns how to optimise their unique personal energies to ensure they can function at their best – life skills they can use forever. They will learn an incredible amount of unique information that is easy to implement and can be applied to all areas of their lives. Next, I tackle the harmony of the team as a cohesive unit whilst focussing on best timing. This can empower your staff to be more focussed, efficient and productive and work better, faster and more harmoniously.

A transformation cannot be complete without taking a holistic view, so next I concentrate on transforming the team’s workplace environment. A bad environment can be like trying to do your job with your hands tied behind your back. The energies in a workplace need to be healthy, positive and dynamic for a workforce and a business to be successful. To achieve a good working environment a workplace needs to be reconfigured into a supportive environment in which your team can be inspired and motivated to perform at their best.

Every company is distinctive, each working environment is different, and no two staff are the same. Even if a company’s ethics, working environment and setup are all similar to one another across several different workplace locations, there are two fundamental reasons why each situation can be entirely different, from a very positive place to very negative one. The obvious answer is that people play a big part in contributing to this, but also the issue lies with the energy of a space as this plays a significant part in ensuring a positive influence not only on a workplace but also on the people who work there.

People are unique and their personal energies interact with each other in different ways. Also, the energy in every place is unique and people who are exposed to this energy will be affected by it, either in a positive or a negative way or both, and they will also be interacting with and changing the energy in their environment too. Therefore, this energy transference means no two workplaces can ever be identical even if they have a similar setup because the energy will be different in each space, and the spaces can affect and can be affected by the people who work there, ensuring staff dynamics in each place are always unique too.

Your workplace can also be affected by Sick Building Syndrome (caused by poor air quality, acoustics, environmental toxins, lack of natural light, etc). This contributes to an unhealthy workplace and stressed workforce. I can identify issues and use simple methods to reduce the causes of allergens and contaminants that off-gas or leach, introduces natural elements and hygiene routines to combat microbes that won’t harm your staff, and deal with issues concerning viruses, dust and mould. I can check the energies of the building and the workforce and make improvements to furniture layouts, colours, etc.

When a working environment is improved then it becomes a healthier environment in which to work and this contributes to the emotional wellbeing and physical health of your team and in turn positively impacts the health of your business. Invest in creating a healthier workplace, a healthier team, and a healthier business.

I genuinely feel I have received my investment back beyond measure. Investing in Nina saves your resources on multiple levels. She spent time guiding me to make clever choices and I would highly recommend her to anyone

Judi K (Co Clare)

Summary of Team Transformation Process

  • Personalities discover how to manage your team’s dynamic and maximise each member’s potential
  • Relationships learn how to boost relationships and how to achieve greater team harmony
  • Optimise learn how to improve each team member’s personal energies to enhance their work flow
  • Productivity increase your team members’ focus, concentration, efficiency and productivity
  • Positivity build on your team’s strengths to increase their optimism, inspiration and creativity
  • Support transform your team’s working environment to maximise support, boost motivation and retain talent

Part 2 of 2 – Customised Session

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